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October 15 2005

Variety AD: Serenity thank you from the Browncoats. This ad appeared on the back cover of the Daily National Variety magazine for October 14, 2005. It is a love note and a big thank you to Joss, the cast, crew and Universal for Serenity from the Browncoats and many other fans. Check out the color version - it's gorgeous!

Sorry about self-posting this earlier. There were many people involved in the creation of the the ad, and I didn't know that it would count as self posting. In any case, if anyone is interested, the numbers from the ad are:297 Browncoats donated, the average donation was $15.69, and there was a $440 excess to the donations that will be split between Equality Now and an as yet undecided charity (or possibly just Equality Now, as people seem to be having a hard time coming to an agreement on a second charty). By the way gooddog, thatnks for the kind words :D
never mind

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click color.jpg flier, it's just a bit under the link to the Browncoat site :)
thanks to all who worked to get this ad printed

though its hard to FIND this magazine --even in big cities-it can be ordered directly from Variety
It's sooo beautiful.
Good job!

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