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October 15 2005

(SPOILER) From Spike to Smallville - Marsters tells all. He also reaffirms his commitment for the Spike TV movie in this Smallville-centric interview. And the latest news on the Spike movie? Well Clint at says "I'm hearing good, good, good, things on the 'Spike' telemovie front. It's coming together nicely".

I'm still bitter and waiting for Brainic to actually speak on that show...

Would much prefer a Spike movie, don't know how I'd feel about it being post-NFA though.
I really like how different Spike and Brainic are.
Can't wait to see the confrontations that are going to happen.
As for the Spike movie, i'm really hoping for a post-NFA story.
I hope they continue his story.
I hope Clint is right about the Spike movie. I know Joss has been hinting that he'd have something to tell us on the Buffyverse front sometime in the near future.

Spike may not have the intellect to be considered a brainiac, but he's so smart in other ways. I look forward to seeing James on Smallville next week.
Then I've read another article this week that says that industry insiders claim there's not going to be a Spike movie. I'm sure someone saw that besides me, because I can't find it anymore.

Anyway, nice article and James does say that Spike was the greatest character.

Can't wait to see Braniac take off.
spikeylover, you might be thinking of this blog item in the Mercury News.
We don't know who she talked to exactly, when she talked to them, what exactly she asked them or a detailed reponse. I know some reports have described the movie as a done deal and if that's what she was trying to figure out, then we already knew the answer was no. Last I heard Joss hadn't gotten to the point of approaching any highly placed tv industry types, just seeing if he can get a creative team together.
I'm just going to try and remain positive about all of this news. I am really enjoying SV and I know that James will make the show even better.
Can't wait to see the entrance of Professor Fine, and I'm so glad that James seems to really be enjoying himself in this role.
Also glad to hear that he IS STILL UP for the Spike movie, and despite conflicting reports, we will just have to see how things play out in the next months or so. Personally I hope there is much more on store for James...10 eps of SV is not enough for me.
I still have hope for the Spike movie and I especially would love to see James snag the Dresden role. That would be a perfect fit for him. Here's praying he can do IT ALL!!!!!!
I have really enjoyed Smallville this year, even with the lack of Brainiac. They seem to have really got their act together. The more JM talks up this role the more eager I am to see it though, I can't wait for his formal introduction :-)
Simon, that is the depressing article.
I don't think this is depressing. We know that Joss' interest in doing the Spike movie has well "spiked" recently with his comments about it. Knowing that James Marsters still wants to do it, and that Tim Minear may write and direct it really make it a big possiblity at this point.

I am also going to state that Smallville has actually been pretty good this year, despite the severe lack of brainiac thus far this season. I'm not so sure about the next two episodes, but I'm not really worried about the year as a whole.
I'm going to remain polly about a Spikemovie. There's plenty of room on my barge if anyone would like to join me for a cruise on denial.
i feel like faith should belong in this spike TV movie..........since it was the original idea for the spin-off after Buffy. a Spike-Faith thing.
Thanks for the link! I watched Serenity today and I'm awed. Amazing movie! Now I want to see Spike spinoff aboard Serenity. It would be a perfect way to please all fandom!
I generally don't watch Smallville because over the years, any time I tried, I didn't like it. If the Luthors weren't in it I would not have even watched the show the 10 times I have. They were the best thing about the show.

This season I have been watching it a bit, waiting to see James. It seems better to me this season, I guess I can thank Steven DeKnight for that. I plan to watch it and see James do his thing, I have faith his perfomances will elevate the show. I'm happy he's working, and Smallville seems a better show than that horrible Mountian show was.

Do I even need to say this? I want my Spike movie!
Hmmm, let me see now! Joss, James and a lot of other fairly well informed sources in the television industry have given us some fairly positive, hopeful news on the chances of the Spike movie whilst a single unnamed source in one random article has said it won't happen. Now which of those two options should i go along with? Hmmmm?

Sorry, call me too optimistic but i'm not going to get too depressed about that single, relatively insignificant and unproven comment when all the other news we have been given has been so positive. When Joss or James tell us it won't happen then the fat lady really has sung. Until then keep the Spike movie torch lit because there is no good reason not to!
"I guess I can thank Steven DeKnight for that."

I was going to say the same thing. I was wondering how the writing team has changed from previous years to this one. Because like many, I could never really get into the show before, but now I'm finding it a little more interesting and coherent.
I would thank Steven S. Deknight, but he wrote two of the worst episodes last season, Spell, quite possibly the worst Smallville episode ever and Ageless, which he also directed. However he did do two of the best as well, Run and Onyx.

IMO this year has been better because, as this is the last season of Gough and Miller's 5 year plan they actually have some plot progression. Relationships seem to be shifting etc, and the stories are tighter and more interesting as a result.

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