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October 15 2005

(SPOILER) "Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave From the Grave" now available on DVD. Jenny Mollen a.k.a Nina the werewolf from Angel Season Five, co-stars with Peter Coyote in this Horror Movie Sequel. The spoiler tag is for certain images and the plot synopsis.

Peter Coyote. Heh.
I didn't even realize there was a fourth RotLD film.
Either did I, Invisible Green. I like the first 3 films..
Peter Coyote, how I love thee.
The fourth one (necropolis) is one right now on Sci-Fi, also with him. Rave to the grave is on next.
Pretty cheesy.
But Zombie Rats AND Peter = Awesome.
I'm about to watch this. I just saw the end of the last one and yes, very cheesy! But cheesy is good when the director freely admits it.

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