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October 16 2005

The Title of Sarah Michelle Gellar's new movie revealed. Film website reports that the project formerly known as "Revolver" has now been named as "The Return".

The problem though IMDB isn't the most reliable source and even though this name was posted on SMGFAN a couple of days ago it hasn't been spread around as there hasn't been any independent confirmation.
I hope it's not true. "Revolver" is a much better title than "The Return," which is incredibly generic. Also, the return of what? The King? The Jedi? The Living Dead? Michael Myers? Jafar? That phrase has been in so many movie titles that it's stupid to expect it to stand alone as one.
It was this same rumor that was posted on smgboard. It wasn't any kind of independent source who came up with the info.

Cranberry: The problem with "Revolver" is that there is a Guy Ritchie movie with the exact same title. That film has just been released in the UK a few weeks ago for example, so that title definitely wouldn't work there. As for other countries, he may already have dibs on the title.

Once you know a bit about the story, the title "The Return" does make sense. But since the information comes from imdb, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it ends up being called something completely different. I actually don't think the title of "Revolver" is a good one in the case of this film anyway. It makes people think of guns and gangsters which is certainly not what the film is about. In the case of Guy Ritchie, that's exactly what you're supposed to think of, so it works.
garda39 - I can't seem to find anything on this on the SMGfan news page. Where is it mentioned on the site? I figured if they posted the title on there, it's likely official since I've noticed that they only post confirmed/accurate info.

In any case, IMDB isn't the greatest source but some of the people that post on their boards do post correct info occassionally. It's best to wait for an official release to show up on reliable sites.
It can't really stay "Revolver" since Guy Ritchie's film is ready to go and I think coming out in January. So, I guess, "the Return" it is . . .
Sorry about the confusion. It's not in the news page but in the forums here

Occasionaly news is posted first in the forums but for it to be accurate it usually has to be posted by the Hostess.

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I think Revolver would have been a good title if it hadn't have been used by Guy Ritchie, but it was. And even if there was some way they could still use it, after the bad press surrounding Guy Ritchie's film, you wouldn't want the name.

I think The Return sounds okay, it's better than actually mentioning what the return is of, which tends to be a little more forgettable.

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