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October 17 2005

The Browncoat Book. ( reg.req.) Some folks over at the movie board had the idea to create a book for our fandom.Thought that it was a great idea.

Here´s what their post says:

Posted: 12 Oct 2005 12:01 pm
Post subject: The Browncoat Book
Okay, stick with us.

A few of us are going to create a book which chronicles the last year and a bit for all of us, kind of like a yearbook for the end of Firefly and the start of Serenity. It would have your regular yearbook style pages with everyone's name and photo who had the mind to contribute them, but also reports and editorial and pictures of our Shindigs, our big events, the conventions, the mad promotional stuff we got up to and our own memories of the Big Damn Movie and our Big Damn Heroes.

What is going to be integral to this book, are the stories, so if you have a great story, we wanna hear it. Also, the yearbook section will be a major part of the book.

This is the important part - this book will belong to ALL BROWNCOATS, it isn't a private project which will benefit some more than others. If you want to contribute IN ANY WAY, just email and tell us what you're thinking - it could be a testimonial for Firefly, tales of the BDHs, your personal review of a Shindig, a photograph, a drawing, or anything else of interest. Most of all, we want you to be inthe book as your own yearbook entry, which will be a photo, name, username, short comment and a space for a signature, so that book owners can have the Browncoats they know and meet sign their copy.

The book will be 200 pages and will cost about $15. It will be available to buy online, hopefully by the end of January, as we want to include all the Christmas Shindigs, Big Damn Flanvention, Serenity 2 etc.

We have already had offers of help from editing to illustrating, design and content, whatever you can offer, please let us know.

The email again , you can reply here, (and please keep this bumped) but please also email because it may get hard to keep track of the posts.

So what are you waiting for? I want no excuses for not being involved!

This is being lead by the awesome Kirsty (doubleshiny), who appeared on MTV with Joss and friends for UKers.
I emailed her. I'm so doing this. I'm going to submit my River poem. What an amazing way to honor the fandom!
Wow, that is very cool! I'm going to if we can do an entry by us Dutch browncoats over at or something. I do wonder how they're going to fit all the browncoats in the people section, though.
I did that, too, talking abut my experiences at the premiere, and comparing seeing "Serenity" in a drive-in (yep, still have them) compared to a regular theater. I plan to give more stories to her soon.
impalergeneral, you saw Serenity at a drive-in? Ooh, that would be soo cool.
I also saw Serenity at a drive-in (12th time), along with a group of 15-ish Browncoats (in San Jose, CA). :) They exist. Not too many around any more, but I think there's 2 or 3 in the SF Bay Area.
Serenity was at the drive-in?!

My drive-ins were playing Flightplan...or Wedding Crashers...or something...

Someone in my group looked it up, and there's only one drive-in in the Portland area (it's like an hour away) and it's closed for the season. :( Do you think if my group campaigned real hard we could get them to show Serenity when they open back up again? 'Cause I'm just that type of 'creepy' Browncoat.

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