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October 17 2005

Serenity will be shown in Sao Paulo International Film Festival and will compete in the New Directors Competition. Click here for Portuguese link. Serenity will open officially in Brazil on November 11th.

Here the showing times according to Festival Sources:

Falado em inglês, mandarim. Legendas eletrônicas em português.
ESPAÇO UNIBANCO SALA 1 21/10/2005 - 15:50 - Sessão: 23
RESERVA CULTURAL 2 23/10/2005 - 23:00 - Sessão:
205 (Domingo)
CINE BOMBRIL 31/10/2005 - 22:30 - Sessão:
775 (Segunda)

I'll definetely be in this first showing this Friday. Wow, I'll finally be able to watch it.

I'll have to wait it out... Drat. Less than a month, though!
My uncle lives in Sao Paulo. Off to write him a message... :) He already got my DVDset!
I wonder if Morena Baccarin will be there, since she just happens to be Brazilian...
That wonderful! Now, if I can make my boyfriend come with me it will be even better.

Truth be told, I didn´t think Serenity would be shown in the Mostra, it is not the most, hmmm, "Mostr-ian" movie in the world.

[ edited by marina on 2005-10-18 04:32 ]
I doubt that Gag Halfrunt. Morena was actually born in Rio de Janeiro, before moving to New York with her parents. Serenity was actully first shown here in several showings during the Rio Film Festival, and those showings happenned even a little before the movie was officially released in the States.

I'm hopeful though, trying to get a line from UIP, and getting more into their promotion strategy.

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