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October 18 2005

Meeting Joss Whedon in Hamburg. A writeup from the recent press junket in Germany. In this section, Joss gets mistaken for Arnold Schwarzenegger and hilarity ensues. In part two, he talks about Carter Burwell and David Newman and also how he creates and writes characters.

This is great stuff, thanks. It's nice to get a sense of the atmosphere, as well as some in depth Joss-ness. Plus, the UIP hostility suite! Abandon hope, all ye who enter there!
And Joss on the composer: "David Newman has scored like 80 films, his brother Thomas is obviously very famous, his father Alfred is obviously very famous". And once again, nice bits that I hadn't heard before.
"I not only make outlines, I make charts and graphs about who is in what scene and what do we know and what do they know and when do they match and when is it funny and when it is exciting. With lots of colors, it is really like cool actually."

I would so love to see some of those graphs and charts - it would be such an insight into Joss' writing process.
Thomas Newman, David's brother, scored The Shawkshank Redemption, American Beauty... and just about every famous film score.
They did ask me, while I did the series, to change Jayne's name. Because they said, it confuses people, but then I didn't. Maybe that is why they cancelled it.

I've read before how important the names are for Joss, and that he has lost writing time just trying to come up with one that captures the character. But I don't remember seeing that the network wanted him to change Jayne's name. I'm not surprised, but I'm glad Joss stuck to his guns -- or Jayne to his grenades, or something.
I should really post my Serenity-rewritten-by-Fox script on my blog...

Mal has been renamed Chandler Reynolds.. Jayne is called Brad.. And yes, Serenity has a coffee bar room.
Oh no - his Jossness was in Hamburg, and I was unaware - and sick - when I should have been stalking all over the "hostility suite" (love that).
I showed him my "nervous t-shirt": I'm pretty damn... nervous.
JW: Oh way, wow, I didn't know, you actually have a shirt that would reply to what I was saying.

I want that shirt.

Gossi, let us know when you post that script. It sounds great.

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Part III is up with as a video clip.
Just wanted to add a link to a short report in German about the preview in Hamburg - no new information, but some pictures.
Go here.

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