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October 18 2005

Astonishing X-Men Saga. As a taster for issue 13, Marvel are releasing a 48 page one-shot in January which recaps the first 12 issues. Pointless? Probably but the new cover by John Cassaday is very good indeed.

Itís been the hottest 12 issues in comics! Now, hereís the entire story in one easily digestible 48-page one-shot! Relive the greatest moments from one of the greatest comics of the year! With a new cover by Astonishing X-Men artist, John Cassaday!
48 PGS./ RATED A ...$3.99

Wow four explanation marks in one paragraph. I am impressed!

That cover is really cool. It's a re-cap unto itself, well, sorta. Yes, it's largely meaningless to those who've not read the series, but, if you've read it, it's got all the highlights...
Why would anyone want just a pared down version of Astonishing XMen? It's certainly worth reading the entire thing rather than just a recap...unless the recap is TWOP stye. THAT would rule! Heh.

And yes I will be buying even though I own all the AXM issues. What can I say, I'm weak and I can't resist a cool cover. In fact, I'd have to start drooling if that cover was available as a huge poster.

This is probably supposed to introduce new readers and get them up to date before AXM year two begins. Not a bad idea.
The cover is also a more than knowing nod to the cover for Justice League Europe #1 which in turn was a knowing nod to the cover for Justice League #1.
I think I remember that a bit, now that you mention it, Simon. It's even better, then. I've quite enjoyed Cassaday's work on this whole project, especially his covers. Although, I'll admit that I thought the issue #12 cover was weaker than the rest.
Aw. That's a cute cover. Even the Sentinel is in on the action.
Heh, that cover rocks. I am wondering about the recap thing though. What does this mean? Reprints of a couple of pages all jumbled together?

I do read quite a few comics, but I don't remember seeing recap issues before. But maybe my comic shop just doesn't order 'em...

I might be getting this though, if just for the cover. I'm also still contemplating getting the run in TPB-format just because it's easier to read 'em again that way.

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