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October 18 2005

Win Serenity t-shirt! Swedish competition to win tickets & t-shirts.

Since only swedes can enter, I wouldn't post this here, except I've never seen this t-shirt before. Has it been used in the US for promos too?

I want that shirt!!!--'cause, y'know, I aim to misbehave as well.
That's a nice shirt. Never seen it before though.
UIP france also had a competition with the same T-shirts to win:
At least they are trying to do some promotion, outside of the internet Firefly/Serenity is completely unknown in Sweden.
Sci-fi doesnt seem to get any air time on the big channels in Sweden, not enough audience I presume, Firefly only shown on a small cable channel, BSG still not shown at all, B5 used to be shown at the weird time of 1300 Sunday afternoons.

Thanks for posting this and the earlier DN interview annosuperstar, always intersting to see what shows up in Swedish media.

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