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October 19 2005

Blogger (instapundit) Gives Short Review of Firefly. He saw Serenity first and started watching Firefly.

"JUST FINISHED another episode of Firefly ("Shindig"). People asked me earlier how it compared to Serenity, and I think I've seen enough episodes to form an opinion now: The movie was good, but the TV series was better. I hope the rumors of another season done for DVD are true."

Always glad to see any Whedon appreciation, but Blogger (instapundit) trying DESPERATELY to avoid talking about the decline and fall of the Bush Administration, and, knock wood, the neo-conservative/corporatist movement.
If my post is going to end up being a place for someone to spew their political rant then please delete it mods. :(
OK, I think the first comment was straining a little too hard to make political stew out of a fairly banal four-line piece. And the second comment goes a little overboard in condemning said attempt. Let's close that avenue of discussion here. Thanks.
Oh, dear, couldn't agree with you more, SNT.
Look at it this way, the majority of the readers of Instapundit's site are not likely to know anything about Firefly. I love watching how Firefly-awareness grows and grows.
What I want to know is where Instapundit heard that rumor of another season being done for DVD. Pretty damn speculative!
Well, there have been lots of people saying things like 'if the movie is a succes, maybe we can get Firefly to return' and things like that. This guy probably just picked up on some of that buzz, which is all just basically wishfull thinking.
I loved the movie, but I do think the series was better. Joss basically squeezed two seasons of a television show into a two-hour movie, and yes, he did an excellent job but I can only imagine how great that would've been drawn out over two seasons. I'd love to read his original script that he had to whittle down to fit into a two hour movie.
...oh, I was just being snarky. I'm sure Glenn (instapundit) is a swell guy, and I pray nightly for his successful reeducation.

but, yeah...where DID he hear this rumor of direct-to-DVD?? generally, this very page is the up-to-datest nexus of all things Whedon...maybe Ron Silver told him some H'wood gossip. (okay, half snarky there, too.) :)
and I pray nightly for his successful reeducation.

Would this possibly be a case of not trying to tell somebody what to think, just how to? ;)

Nah, not trying to start a war. The only thing I would say is that, looking in from the outside, it is kind of sad, how divisive US politics seems to have become and how everybody immediately becomes kind of irate. I don’t think that can be healthy for a nation in the long run.

I am glad that generally we have a ‘lets muddle along and compromise’ sort of approach in Europe, both economically (social market policies rather than free market policies) and politically. Compromise is good. Embrace it.

Still there is a solution: seeing that the Joss is embraced by all sides equally and would go down pretty well with us old Europeans also, I once again want to reaffirm my ‘Joss for President’ campaign.

And oh yeah back on topic, I prefered the film to Firefly because all that western stuff still gives me indigestion, but then that’s a definitely personal taste/possibly gender/possibly not being American kind of thing.
Snark and politics don't mix well together, so that's why I'd rather see this thread focus on the review rather than reviewer.

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