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October 20 2005

Fab Amber Benson contest. You have a chance to win an autographed copy of her and Chris Golden's new book and a phone call from Amber herself. All you have to do is suggest which figure from British history (pre 1840) could be a ghost in a future 'Ghosts of Albion' story.

That *is* really cool. I sent in my suggestion. :D
My entry is in!

And, in case you noticed on that page, should you order the book from a certain site between now and the first of November, Chris and Amber will sign your copy at no additional cost.

Tres cool!
Thank you so much for supporting this book! I hope everyone takes a minute to enter the contest. :) Check out the electronic press kit at - Use the press release, interview, etc to promote the book further! - And check out the website
Oops! The above comment was posted by LW. Kiba was still signed in. :)
Kiba, I sent you an email. Please email me at electricspacegirl at gmail dot com.

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