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October 20 2005

Buffy's Mom and the Master send chills through New Jersey this halloween. Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers) and Mark Metcalf (the Master) will be in attendance at the Chiller Theatre Expo Oct 28-30th. Tickets available at the door.

Wow, the line-up at this one catches an old television viewer's eye. Buffy's mom AND William Schallert AND Geoffrey Lewis.
What a wonderful piece of news!
Mark Metcalf was Neidemeyer in Animal House?!


I had no idea...and, by the by, could anyone direct me to where exactly Kristine Sutherland's blurb is? Because the page was so messy and unorganized, I kinda missed her.
Kristine is the 4th one down from Mark's
Thanks, RavenU!

And another "stop the presses" moment for me...

Kristine Sutherland was in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids?!


Wow, the amount of things I do not know. And, hey, someone should tell that site that Joyce's last name is "Summers," not "Summer."
Hey, Unplugged's died twice now too.
Hey, Unplugged's died twice now too.

Eh, Buffy-wannabes. There's one in every site. :p
Yay, now I can sing that line in I've Got a Theory with more conviction than ever!

And yes...just gotta switch genders...move to California...and become an ex-cheerleader...and then I am totally Buffy. Totally.


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