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October 20 2005

Whedonesque Widget. I just noticed this over at the Apple Dashboard website. It's for all Macintosh Tiger (10.4) users.

Not sure who did it, but it seems to work well and it's certainly convenient.

Chris Chang programmed it and offered it to us as a gift to a site he enjoys visiting.
So very cool.
Thanks Chris!! It's very nicely done.
And now one for Windows, please?

Actually, if someone can point me to the RSS client-side specs, I might (just might) find the time to build it.
That looks pretty cool. Too bad I'm not willing to spend $130 bucks right now to upgrade from 10.3.9 to 10.4 (I bought my new Mac JUST before 10.4 came out).
For Windows users, I highly recommend the Firefox browser. It doesn't have the nifty desktop widgets, but it does have built in RSS support.

For those wanting widget-goodness in Windows, you might try the Konfabulator @

(it also cross-platform, so Mac users who don't want to upgrade can use it as well)

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Ooh! I've been looking for some cool Widgets like this. Now I can read Whedonesque even more often! ;)

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Livejournal users can add Whedonesque to their friends page. I keep meaning to mention that. Never get round to it.
Grace: If you "bought [your] new Mac JUST before 10.4 came out" you'd have been entitled to get a copy of Tiger from Apple for a 19$ shipping fee. You should check with your dealer.
Or search for it on ebay, but make sure you get a retail version.
Hey--Whedon fandom has driven all too many of my recent purchases. It might well tip me over into Mac OS 10.4--why not? I'll be going there eventually anyway, won't I?

But seriously, keeping up with Whedonesque any way you can is a good thing.
Chris Chang, thank you so much for this. That was so thoughtful and we appreciate it :)
Okay, great timing. I will soon be able to talk widgets when I turn dreams into reality and order my new PowerBook, which was just updated yesterday (Wednesday--the last PowerPC-chipped notebook before Apple goes Intel). And I can now retire my dependable and unbreakable bronze PowerBook (still using Jaguar 10.2.8). I hope the new one is as tough as my Brownbook!
I'm very itnerested in buying a PowerBook. What is the main difference between Intel and PowerPC processors? Should I wait until Apple starts manufacturing them with Intel?
adam_tvs, from the user perspective, if you can tell the difference between an Intel and PowerPC powered PowerBook, then Apple's blown it. The only difference PB users should notice is that they'll be faster for less money.

My advice: buy a machine when you need one. If you need it now, don't wait till mid-next year just because there might be cool machines then -- there will always be machines that are faster & cooler next year. Oh, and because new PBs just shipped, you might be able to get the old ones on closeout for a good price.
OK. Here I go showing my total ignorance of how anything but the absolute basics of how the internet works. WTH is a widget and what is it supposed to do? I read the description, thought it sounded cool and downloaded it. But all I see is something that is just another file that opens to a full sized window in Safari with a mini version of Whedonesque in it. I've got Whedonesque on by bookmark bar. If I am going to have a window open why not simply have Whedonesque open? This seems kind of silly, so I figure I am probably missing something.

So thanks Chris Chang, that was very thoughtful. Now I hope someone can tell me what I am doing wrong...with this widget thing. Let's not open the field too wide or the thread could get really long. ;-)
Thanks for the kind words everyone. :) And Caroline, thanks again for letting me use the graphics from this site. If anyone finds any bugs or can think of anything that needs to be added, please e-mail me at

And newcj, from what you're saying, it sounds like you might have an older version of OSX that doesn't support widgets. Click on the Apple logo on the top left of your computer screen and then click on "About This Mac". This window will tell you which version of OSX you have. If it's anything less than 10.4, widgets are not supported. You can read all about them here:
So okay, are they like mini-windows that you can interact with? Or are they just displays that show you where you might like to go? Forgive my ill-informed-edness (!). Why are they necessary when you can just open several windows and travel between the actual sites with just a click?

I guess I don't get the usefulness. Do I sound old-school? I do use an older OSX, plus a 'ninedotsomething' so my graphic programs will work.
Yes, I have 3.9 apparently.

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