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October 20 2005

Slither Trailer Now Online at

Nathan Fillion's new movie hits Apple trailers. Looks pretty funny, and a little gross.

I...just don't know...
I couldn't get it to play. I have Quicktime, it's weird, I have never had a problem with Apple trailers before.
Succatash - doesn't play here either. Windows with Quicktime Pro.
Oh, I guess I need Quicktime 7.
That trailer makes the movie look funnier than the last trailer I saw. I'm still not sure I'll see it.
I didn't try the fullscreen version, but the large version worked fine on my Mac Powerbook (with Quicktime 7). I've found, though, that my 2 year-old laptop is nowhere near fast enough to handle an HD trailer, even with QT 7.
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I'm undecided. It looks....slimy.
If it's the same trailer from Comicon....blah. Looked very cheap and crap to me.
It's actually a different trailer for Comicon, only the first bit is really the same (and even that has been, well edited every so slightly.)
Yeah I don't know about this one...
This is better than the first teaser, unforutnately that's not saying much (I am going to see it, entirely because of Nathan, who is one of the only actors I would see in anything.)
Dudes, we all know Universal can't edit a trailer for shit ;)

ha! gossi, you sly devil ;)
Ah. Well.

Despite all of the Nathan-y goodness, I'm gonna have to give a big, resounding, "No!" to this one. Despite some very funny screams and reactions from Nathan--who over the years has joined Bruce Campbell in my book as one of the best scream/reaction people in cinema--this is pretty much everything I don't go to the movies for. has Nathan...Serenity's box office performance has slowed down, so I'm kind of wanting to make sure this guy becomes the huge star he deserves to be...

I don't know, I thought it looked kind of funny.

And very silly.
Didn't the original star Dirk Benedict (original Starbuck)? And didn't it co-star his wife, Heather Menzies, that looks EXACTLY like David Boreanaz's co-star in Bones?
It's so far from being the kind of movie I enjoy, but Nathan Fillion is so great, and I'm sure he does an excellent job in it. I've said that I would see Nathan in anything, and I suppose this will be a true test of that. We shall see.
Didn't the original star Dirk Benedict (original Starbuck)? And didn't it co-star his wife, Heather Menzies, that looks EXACTLY like David Boreanaz's co-star in Bones?

Ummm...the original what? Unless I'm mistaken (which happens), Slither isn't a remake. It's originality may be in question, but I do seem to recall a smart man saying recently that, basically, the future is made up of the past, so no big deal there.
Sure would be nice if I could download QT7 and actually watch this trailer; guess it's become time for me to upgrade Windows. *shudders*
Oh, come on you all! That's great!

Of course, if you're waiting for some Goddard, you'll be disappointed, but in the genre of horror+humor B films, it looks to have all it needs. Included a big bad monster for the end.

I like this genre, as well as I like Sci Fi or independant movies for example. And if it manages to be released here in OV, I'll and see it with pleasure.

EDIT: for those who have trouble viewing this, mplayer (with codecs) works fine, and is free.

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I can't watch this on the apple site or davestrailer page. Grumble.
I think it looks pretty terrible, but perhaps fun. I don't think it will be very scary, or have many great acting performances, but it could be very entertaining in a Tremors sort of way. I don't think it'll do wonderful things for Nathan's career but it could be moderately successful.

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