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October 20 2005

James Marsters Radio Interview. Our favorite blondie-bear gives a seven minute phone interview on The Hot Morning Show about Brainiac, GotR, Macbeth and even his NEW MOVIE ROLE.

Not sure if this has been posted, but for those who can't wait to hear James speak in his American voice tonight on Smallville, this will have to do. No word on the title of the movie, but James says it will be a "thriller." Shout out to "the ripe plum" reference btw :)

It hasn't been posted. I would have posted it but by the time I downloaded the mp3 (stupid dial-up) I totally forgot about it. Nice to hear good news from James. I wish I could be in London for his Macbeth performance.
YAY, new Movie!!
I liked James on tonights Smallville, although I have no idea how I feel about the episode as a whole, it wasn't good but I had fun watching it lol. The guy who played Aquaman was meh.

Poor James Marsters, he signs on for a new show and one of his first episodes shot (and his second large appearance) includes vampire sorority girls, and has him talking about vampires. Plus c'mon, the fact that one of the character in the ep is actually called "Buffy Sanders," and that it's written by Steven S. Deknight, obvious heavy-handed homage.

Plus, the concept of vampire Lana, not so appealing.

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Well I'm not so sure. I personally think that Lana being a vampire would be a great idea. She does suck after all.;)
I liked last nights episode of SV and I think that as James really gets into this Brainiac role the plot will thicken. Brainiac sounds like a villan with almost good intentions as far as saving the Earth goes...heee. It's just the eradicating the human race thing that gets sticky I guess.

Anyway...the Aqua dude was just...I don't know...boring, and he looked like the 'missing link' to me, but other than that I am truly enjoying the show.

I know the Vampire stuff seems to go way over 'camp'...but I think it's kinda funny, and I enjoy it. I also think its a great way to pay homage to BTVS, Buffy and Spike. I had to laugh though when I saw the previews for next week and heard James telling Clark "there are NO such things as vampires".

Honestly...I think DeKnight is thrilled to have James there, and they both are having fun...more power to them. Just hope that the ratings keep doing well and the WB and the shows producers are happy.I am not sure whether there could be another season for SV, but if James were in it I would sure watch. What happens to Brainiac once Clark assumes his place as Superman for good????

I am so out of the loop on Superman mythology.....
Smallville bugs me, but it was so worth watching it to see James on tv again. I thought the natural hair color would freak me out, but if it's possible he looked even better than before.
James as Professor Fine. Ooh, baby, now that’s what I call ‘kah-rizz-muh’—which was made to stand in even higher relief by the musclebound chunk of bad acting called Aquaman. Swim away! Swim away!

Back to the professor. I know he’s just starting with the character and we’re sure to see a different side to him, but I like the way James played him as intelligent but not in a typically arrogant or condescending way. I hope the writing can match what I think he’ll be able to do with the part because he’s too talented to go to waste. And I’d hate for that crick he’s going to get in his neck from looking up at Mt. Clark to be all for nothing.
James SMALLVILLE character intrigues and nobody should be surprised that he's doing a great job at it.. We can see right now why Clark might be manipulated by this calculating super intelligent computer/man, especially with Aquaman being all against Lex for screwing up his home. Clark came to Braniac, on his own.

Re the interview: I laughed at James being deeply apologetic for the Buffy episode (to the guy who was such a huge Smallville geek) Personally, I think it will be fun.
I hope its a big screen movie and not another tv thing. I'd LOVE to see James up on the big screen because I think that would really give him the chance to gain the recognition as a great actor that I think he deserves. Besides, with those cheekbones and the blue eyes I'd likely go see the movie several times!!!
I think that Drew Goddard and Jeff Bell might also have a hand in the next episode.
"Swim away! Swim away!"

That almost made me pee my pants. He was so skevie!

ps, Goddard's "Mockingbird" last night?, not half bad at all.
RavenU, but Drew's on Alias. Is Jeff still there? Drew penned last night's Alias episode, by the way.

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Hee, I knew I'd enjoy JM, but I was surprised by how much. It made me want more: like a movie. Aquaman was just. strange.
Jeff Bell's an executive producer on Alias this year. Drew's ep was very good, but I've been enjoying this season of Alias since the opener.
According to Media Week Smallville got 6.27 million viewers last night

how Fine is that?

can't wait for my tape to arrive

and that interview was wonderful!

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