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October 21 2005

Interview with Tracy Hickman, about his involvement with the Firefly RPG in this week's Signal. Tracy Hickman, along with Margaret Weiss, are famous for their Dragonlance novels.

I am listening to it right now, and somehow, I am beginning to think that the Signal lives in a different 'verse than Whedonesque.

They say that Serenity is doing very well in theaters, that Universal is happy and that a sequel is "almost a dead certainty" (OK, I am not fluent in english, but this does indeed mean that there should be a sequel, not that a sequel is dead, right?).


I want to live on the same planet where they live, 'cos Serenity seems to have more legs there than here!
It's the power of positive thinking.
Or mere delusion?
The quest to get a sequel is a marathon and not a sprint. While Serenity may not be a 'blockbuster' by Hollywood standards it is doing very well and still has several countries where it has not premiered yet not to mention how the DVD sales will also help to push the total receipts up into the area needed to 'green light' a sequel.

Browncoats always believe in the impossible!

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