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October 21 2005

Sarah Michelle Gellar in talks for lead role in new indie film. Variety reports that the film 'The Air I Breathe' is based on an ancient Chinese proverb and will begin filming in Mexico City in January.

Havent seen anything about 'The Grudge II' in a while, wonder if this means that TGII is definitely a no go for SMG ?
Sounds like a good, positive project - and, as is now common with SMG, totally different from everything else she's got coming out.
Sounds interesting, and I really love Ken Watanabe. I'm really impressed with the choices she's making. A lot of variety. If she is making that film in January, then it looks as though The Grudge 2 can be ruled out since presumably that will be shooting at the start of next year also. Sony will be bummed.
If she is making that film in January, then it looks as though The Grudge 2 can be ruled out...

In a recent interview on the set of 'Southland Tales', Gellar gave a typically cagey and non-committal answer when asked about the possible sequel to 'The Grudge', suggesting that it is not a definite "no" but there is nothing actually in the pipeline as such. At this stage it would seem to be more likely that she won’t do it, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

In the same interview she mentioned one or two "possible" projects after 'Southland Tales' and before the planned start on filming 'The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing', which is scheduled to go into production sometime in 2006. Presumably, 'The Air I Breathe' is one of the additional projects she was referring to. She was also asked about 'Alice', but this one seems to be much further down the line.

All in all, it appears that she has three films definitely due for release in 2006 (if we count 'Happily N'Ever After') plus at least three films, possibly more, going into production. She seems to have settled on a potentially interesting variety of small budget films, which, I assume, carry less financial risk, apart from anything else.

There is also talk that she has recently made personal visits to some big New York-based publishing houses in search of source material for future film projects (maybe in line with her rumoured plans to produce?)

All in all, her career seems very healthy, which perhaps a few disappointed fans were not inclined to predict when she announced her decision to leave 'Buffy'. She might never compete with the A-List big hitters, but as a self-confessed non-objective fan, so I'm pretty much looking forward to all of these films.
Must agree, Sarah is making some excellent choices in her movies and she's doing exactly what she wanted which was to try her chops in different roles. She's keeping busy and I wish her the best.

I read some place that Sony was leaning towards a new cast for 'Grudge 2', but that was only one source. I recall SMG mentioned in an interview several months ago that she would be willing if Sony asked her to fill the role. I'm thinking nothing became of it and she's pressing on with business, IMO.
She's making excellent choices, yes :D
This looks like a good and profitable (in terms of credibility and respect in Hollywood) one.
From the rumors I've heard, Sony very much want Sarah to be involved in the sequel to The Grudge. They give her a lot of credit for the success of the first film. If she's not involved, it'll be because she has chosen not to be or because it overlaps with another role.
Ken Watanabe was awesome in Last Samaurai. My interest is peaked.
Sounds like a cool new project for Sarah :) I guess it will be an opportunity for Sarah to work on both her Japanese and her Spanish :)

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