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October 21 2005

Marti Noxon talks 'Point Pleasant'. The cancelled Fox show is now available to buy on DVD (reg req).

"I felt like we got better as the show went along".

Very true, the last aired episode was very good indeed.

Registration required to read - has details if you can't be bothered.
Last time somebody put a PP post up here, I mocked it mercilessly. However, I will admit that I only saw the first couple episodes (and the tepid reviews thereof, which I agreed with). If Simon says the series got better, maybe it's worth a rental to see the show started to fulfill the promise of its premise.
Luc, thanks for the info - what a great idea!

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BaFfler, it IS mockworthy! I too trust Simon most times, but I am his polar opposite on our opinion of this particular show.

This gets a dvd release and I've been waiting a decade for Beauty & The Beast? Where's the justice?
I would be the first to admit that the first few episodes were that not good but it was finding its feet towards the end. There was a couple of episodes that I thought were worthy of Buffy.

And I adore Boyd.

He's my favourite new character of the last few years.

I too trust Simon most times

He is a nice man.
Does anyone know when The Inside will be released on DVD?
Not for a while yet I would imagine.
Probably never, I'd guess.
I watched the first six episodes before I finally had to get the hell out of Point Pleasant. Such a terrible, terrible show. It made me reconsider Marti Noxon's talents, and whether or not Buffy UPN era haters were wrong or not in their conclusion that Noxon led to some of the most disappointing Buffy ever aired.

(As a note, I am referring to S6, which I believe to be the weakest of the series, not S7, which, contrary to popular opinion, I feel was the best season second only to S2.)

I was so angered by PP's absolute refusal to grasp its premise and play it with strength instead of resorting to godawful soap operatics that I actually began writing my own seventh episode. After I wrote the teaser and struggled to come up with anything else, I finally realized that the characters just were not worth it. I still believe, though, that my teaser was better than any of the material actually used on the series...
I enjoyed PP in the beginning mostly because of its ease in mocking. Then, I got into it, despite my original promise to myself that I (a) would not watch and (b) would not get hooked. The dance marathon episode was one of my favorites.
Whether it was mockworthy or not, I thought 'Point Pleasant' was bloody brilliant. I loved it from the start and it simply confirmed my opinion about the talents of Marti Noxon. I have been waiting for the release of the DVD with keen anticipation. I'm looking forward to watching it all again and I'll finally get to see episodes twelve and thirteen.
Probably never, I'd guess.

Allyson, please say that you're being healthily pessimistic and not unerringly prophetic. Your word here is (quite rightly) law so extinguishing the hope that The Inside will find a home on dvd would be a cause for sadness and dismay.
Does anyone know when The Inside will be released on DVD?

Actually, there is a site that has the season on dvd...of course, it's a little on the less-than-legal side...
I'll totally be watching these DVDs. I need to know what's on that video tape! I doubt I'll purchase it though. I'll either rent it or find it at the library (I sent them a request for it).

I love Boyd. He's the reason to watch. I love any scene with just him and Christina. I don't think I like the show as much as dashboardprophet, and still think they rushed the story, but I like it for the guilty pleasure it is. I have a fascination with stories like this (The Omen, Rosemary's Baby).

There are some beautiful shots (like the post-apocalyptic dream sequence) and some great acting (Show and Harnois) and I think the show could have become very good, it just didn't have the time to get there.

Allyson, I hope you're just being pessimistic. If Point Pleasant can get a DVD release, so can The Inside. Is there anything the fans can do to help?
I have to say that I loved Point Pleasant from the start. Granted, I could have done without The OC-like elements, but we need more American Gothic-like stuff on TV. Thank goodness there seems to be a genre rebirth on US TV right now. Between Invasion, Surface, Threshold, Supernatural, Lost and Kolchak my TIVO has been busy (not to mention Veronica Mars, Bones and the Stargates).

I just wish that Point Pleasant, The Inside and Miracles could have stayed on the air as well.
Re: the inside... But i wanna see the unaired episodes! *pouts* really no hope on this?
I don't think so. I'm not being pessimistic or prophetic or whatever about it.

There's just no plans for it. Maybe someday.
Buh, Allyson. Argh.

I'd offer to start a postcard campaign, but you know - is it worth it?

And I adore Boyd. He's my favourite new character of the last few years.

Dude. Simon. You've gotta be kidding! :)
Nope. There's just something about that character that I really liked. I think it was because he was pure evil but had a tortured human past. I would have loved to have known where Marti was going with him. But we'll never know. Ah well. These things happen.
Yeah, loved me some Boyd. Unfortunately the rest of the cast did absolutely nothing for me.
No Inside on DVD.... curls up in a corner and cries. The series starts getting great a couple episodes before the end, and totally grabs me with "Thief of Hearts"... and it's not only CANCELLED, they don't even release the DVDs... sigh...
Boyd was a big favourite in this household, as was Amber. Dina Meyer was great value, although to quantify that I should mention that I love all the soap elements in the show. There is another memorable character, but I'll leave her un-named for anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to view the show past episode eight as yet. I was fortunate enough to see the next three episodes via the Swedish TV3 channel.

I have to say that I rather liked all the characters, even the younger ones who came in for quite a lot of stick. As you can see, I'm clearly a discerning sort! I thought Elisabeth Harnois did a great job in the lead role, although I know her performance got quite a mixed reaction.

I always thought the Judy / Mark relationship could have been developed into something quite interesting as a minor side-plot. Whether or not this would ever have happened, I don't know, but there are a few interesting moments between these two in episode nine, 'Waking the Dead'.
Meh. Not even sure we'll do the rental bit, and we buy tons of series on DVD. . . I just don't think I can do it. I was so purely disappointed by PP from its inception. . . and I tried to hold on for a very long time.

Maybe. Maybe we'll try it.

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