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October 21 2005

Charts, charts, charts. Firefly enters US 'top 20 DVD weekly sellers' list. Currently at number 17.

Alas, it doesnít say how many DVD sets where sold. However, considering this is a new entry within the last 3 weeks and that the chart shows current weekly sales data, Iíd say this is pretty good news with a view to the fan base increasing and Serenity DVD sales to come.

Firefly isnít mentioned in the other charts on the site, but if you are interested and nose about a bit you can get a pretty good feel how box office and rental/sales income stack up against each other for a variety of films. A number of films earned significantly more from the latter.

I would probably qualify as one of the tallied North American sales, at least, since I just recently (finally) acquired the Firefly DVD set. Yes, I have finally joined the ranks of the proud and disappointed (I'll explain).

I just finished watching the final episode two nights ago and I can say, without hyperbole, that I am simply devastated that this show was barely given any chance to develop further and find an audience. There is not one single aspect of it that I can fault - not one. So hence, therein lies the disappointment. I WANT MORE. It actually breaks my heart that such a well-written, well-acted, unique creation was denied its continuation. I don't think I've ever been more angry with a television network for not allowing a show to go on (even though I didn't watch it when it was on; but I couldn't find it and was always a better DVD television fan anyway).

I've been waiting to finish watching the series before going to see the film. 'Serenity', here I come!
What's really impressive is that last week it was at #18, which means it's moving upward. The only TV properties higher are Lost, Arrested Development and the new Family Guy special, all new on DVD.

But I can't tell from the chart -- is this overall sales of DVDs, from every source ( to Walmart)?

Also, I find the thought of more fans getting into Firefly a a good thing, yet also scary.
The only good thing about Serenity being pulled from theaters (the only good thing) would be that it practically forces new fans to buy the dvd (since by the time they get around to watching Firefly, it's already out of theaters). Does that make sense?
On the downside, this shows the struggle Serenity will have on DVD. It needs to open #1 on DVD. On International charts. And hold that for a little while. (If you're after sequels, that is).

On the good side - shiny new people.
Oh Come on! With this fanbase, Serenity is sure to open up to number 1 when it comes out on DVD. It's a guarentee.
It's bloody impressive that a DVD that's been out for nearly two years now has found it's way back into the top 20. Sort of strange too that a programme people weren't willing to watch on TV for free, sells so well.

Just hope that lots of Browncoats leave Christmas shopping to the last minute so that when they go to pick up their copy of Serenity, they decide that's what all their friends are getting this year too.

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The only good thing about Serenity being pulled from theaters (the only good thing) would be that it practically forces new fans to buy the dvd (since by the time they get around to watching Firefly, it's already out of theaters). Does that make sense?

Well, maybe not buy, but at least rent, yes. I'm thinking it'll just be the sci-fi and/or Whedon fans buying. Only thing though: will video rental shops have enough copies of the DVD to get visuability? I've never visited an American rental shop, but here in Holland the DVDs with more copies get better places, and have a big 'block' of DVDs so that more people take notice of them. If there's only one, maybe two, Serenity DVDs in the rental place at the time people might not notice it.
I've been noticing that Firefly is pretty high up on a lot of online stores lately.

I think it's frikkin awesome that a dvd set that has been out for a while is beating new releases/stuff which is coming soon which are usually the top dvds.

The fanbase can only get bigger.
Here in Toronto, I was visiting a huge Futureshop (like a Best Buy, in fact, owned by BB), and they got in a big order of FF box sets, because, as one clerk says, "we have a lot of calls for Firefly." It's true, FF box sets occupied one of the biggest shelf spaces. And it was going for an unpardonable $57.99 CDN. I think I bought mine for $39 or so. At HMV it was part of 2/$80 deal.

Why am I getting the idea that more people want to see Serenity but are waiting for the DVD? A good reason, being reflected in others' reports, is that people don't want to go to the theatre. I think that's a very strong factor. The intenders don't realize that Serenity is a good widescreen experience. But it's an unknown commodity and they will wait for the DVD. They feel more strongly about *not* going to a theatre than wanting to see Serenity.

Last, of the dozens of people I've talked to or overheard after a performance, everyone, and I mean everyone, loves (not just likes) the movie. (And I've loved it six times.)
There's also a possibility that there are people who, despite not needing to have watched Firefly to see Serenity, would prefer to, and just haven't got around to watching it yet. They may finally get the DVD, enjoy it and by then it might be too late to see Serenity in theatres, but will get the DVD.

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I was just at Best Buy the other day buying the very spiffy Batman Begins two-disc set as well as Angel S2, and, whaddaya know...there was a big shelf space for Firefly right next to the new releases and bestsellers. And...yes...most of them had been sold!

(Also, coincidentally, Angel, Buffy, and the new Buffy one-disc episode collections were a few shelves above it.)

This is good news, I do believe, my friends...

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