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October 21 2005

Browncoats 101 - "So you've seen the ads and you're wondering just what in the tian xaio de's so great about this movie Serenity."

But this column's not about that. If you want a cut-and-dried movie review, aim your eyes at the movie review below this column. This column concerns what came before. Firefly, and the rabid fanbase that kept the cast and crew going long after FOX swung its well-oiled cancellation axe.


I loved the "BWA!" at the end. One of my favorite Firefly moments...
Yeah, I don't remember that Firefly moment either.
I believe it's when Mal is cleaning his guns at the table and Inara scares him and he yells "Bwa!" Then, after she leaves, he aims his gun at the camera and very stoically says, "Bwa."
Ah, ok: "Bwaaa", not "BWA"! :P

(I though BWA was some sort of acronym... like BDM, BDH, etc...)

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