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February 20 2003

Television Stereotyping of the Chumash Indians of California: Buffy Episodes.

I don't think the author even watched the episode.
To quote Spinal Tap, "Is this a joke? Am I supposed to be laughing?"
Uhm, Buffy has demons of all races. I think the writer'll use anything (such as far-fetched accusations about Buffy) to get some attention for his cause. Looks like he had at least some succes with that, since he got our attention, even if just for a few minutes. :)
Followed the links to some of the other pieces this guy wrote. Most make more sense. But this one doesn't help his credibility.
The writer forgot to mention that "[Xander's] penis got diseases from a Chumash tribe." That's got to count for something...
LOL, ithilien . My thought exactly. :D
My home state has three separate indian reservations and my home town has a high population of Lakota decent, and I can tell you from experience that when they are questionably represented, an outcry (from a few, at least) will occur. That's just how things happen.
Isn't that fair enough, though? I think I'd be oversensitive, too.
I thought the episode in question presented native americans in a relatively positive light. The Chumash spirits were not shown in a cardboard cutout way as evil. They weren't demons. They were spirits of the Chumash who had been disturbed from their death sleep. They were legitimate antagonists who had a legitimate axe to grind. The whole argument between Giles & Willow was about reinforcing that. Willow was arguing on behalf of the Chumash. She was saying this was not like the usual demon situation. Of course that didn't change the fact that the spirits in question wanted to put a damper on the festivities. I dunno. I think if native americans have to argue about something, a Buffy episode is the least of their worries.

Granted, overall the series has been very caucasian-centric. It's only been this season that they've begun to include races other than "whites" as regular characters. Unless you include Kendra, but maybe we shouldn't count Kendra. Come to think of it, why didn't the NAACP freak out over Kendra? I was offended by her really bad accent and I'm not even black.
I agree that this 'author' did not view even one minute of the episode. Why do people write about things they know nothing about? I plan to e-mail him and suggest he watch the ep or read the script. I am very! sensitive to Native American issues, and I found this episode was a comment on how the 'white man' treated the 'Indians', not a statement about the 'bad red man.'
I am Native American. The episode did not offend me.
Actually I thought Kendra's accent was pretty accurate. I had a teacher in high school who had a accent a lot like hers.

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