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October 22 2005

The Fright Stuff - TV Guide covers Halloween. Have some fun with some Buffy and Angel nostalgia.

Is there going to be a Buffy Halloween marathon on cable this year? I miss those. Although, I could just have a Buffy Halloween marathon with my DVDs. Who wants to join me?
Right there with you ESG! In spirit anyway.
I'll do a double dose and have both a Buffy and Angel marathon. I'm gonna pluck out the scariest episodes of each series then have A Buffy and Angel scare-a-thon on Halloween night until midnight. That'll be how I spend my Halloween.

Here's the episodes I'm gonna watch starting at 6:00PM and ending at 12:00PM.

6:00 Angel,"Life Of The Party": A great Halloween episode and a perfect way to set the mood.

6:45 Buffy,"Halloween": Another great episode which keeps the fun mood going.

7:30 Angel,"Eternity": One of my personal favorites and a wonderful eerie ending that gives us another glimps of the evil Angelus.

8:15 Buffy,"Fear,Itself": My favorite Halloween episode which features one of my favorite characters ever: Giles, with a chainsaw.

9:00 Angel,"Billy": One of the best and scariest Angel episodes ever is this one. Who can forget Wesley the Axe Murderer chasing Fred?

9:45 Buffy,"I Only Have Eyes For You": This is my second most favorite Buffy episode of all time which has a great love and ghost story all rolled into one.

10:30 Angel,"Hell Bound": This has to be my favorite ghost story which features disturbing images, eerie effects, and awesome ghost battles.

11:15 Buffy,"Prophecy Girl": My absolute favorite Buffy episode of all time, this is the perfect episode to end the night.

12:00: "We saved the world, I say we party."

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My list:

Reprise - the elevator ride with Angel and Holland Manners creeps me out more than anything in either series
Life of the Party - probably the best of the Halloween specials
Doppelgangland - "Oh, look at those!" - So evil and skanky, just the way Halloween should be
Dead Things - Warren at his creepiest, and Buffy on the edge of losing herself completely
Conversations With Dead People - Mothers milk is red tonight. Buffy in therapy with a vampire. Dawn's anchovy poetry.
The Halloween episodes from seasons 3 and 4 are great. I'm hoping to get the Halloween specific PALZ figures. Did anyone vote in the poll at TV Guide? Alas, Spike is beating out Angel as favorite vampire. Oh well. Buffy is easily winning the "most snubbed" series.
How did no one mention Buffy S2's Halloween?!?!?!?!?

Best Halloween episode ever. EVER.
Buffy made number 25 in E4's "Hundred Scariest Film and TV Moments" this evening - ahead of the Daleks by quite a long way. (But behind the Wicked Witch of the West.) It was the Gentlemen, of course.

Sorry, but Spike is my favourite vampire.
I did mention Buffy S2's "Halloween." Just check out my list above. But I'd prefur "Fear, Itself" because it's scarier where as "Halloween" is funnier. Except for the part with Gacnar. That was just friggin hilarious.
I made my Buffy Halloween marthon list. I of course chose all the halloween episodes, and some of the scariest stand-alone episodes. CwDP isn't very stand-alone, but it made the list because I think it's the scaries Buffy episode ever. Family made the list because it's a witchy episode, and that's Halloweeny, right?

1. Halloween
2. The Wish
3. Fear Itself
4. Hush
5. Family
6. All the Way
7. Conversations with Dead People

I haven't done an Angel list but I'll get to that when I get back from a Shindig tonight.
Joining the fun...

1. Halloween (Buffy - Season Two)
2. Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been (Angel - Season Two)
3. Fear, Itself (Buffy - Season Four)
4. Billy (Angel - Season Three)
5. Hush (Buffy - Season Four)
6. Waiting in the Wings (Angel - Season Three)
7. Fool for Love (Buffy - Season Five)
8. Darla (Angel - Season Two)
9. Conversations With Dead People (Buffy - Season Seven)
10. Hell Bound (Angel - Season Five)
I personally think the ep. "I Fall To Pieces" (Angel Season 1), was the scariest EVER. I guess the relentless stalking done by that creepy doctor gave me the heebiest of jeebies.

We're doing a "bring your favorite scary whatever to watch" (we should find a snappier name!) roommate bonding night next week...I'm bringing the Angel episode I've Got You Under My Skin, which I'm SHOCKED no one has's the only episode of either that's ever given me nightmares...
Hmm, Going for the the scary obvious with: Hush, Billy, Hellbound, and Conversations with Dead People, but need the comedy of some episodes like Pangs, The Zeppo and Something Blue. Who am I kidding? I haven't had the DVDs out in a long time and I'm feeling so deprived I'd watch anything Buffy/Angel in a spirit of comraderie.
Oh man, between this thread, and the one over on, about Buffy moments that take your breath away...I'm about to lock myself up in my room for weeks with my DVDs...
I second that, nutmanda. Infact.. *turns on tele*
I personally would add "Dead End" from Angel Season Two, I mean that sequence of shock factor in cordelias vision was a rather disturbing meeting between eye and knife. Although the episode tames down after those couple shock sequences, its enough for me to place it up there for scary. I agree with a few of you that Hell Bound was by far the scariest episode, let alone the gruesomest, I had seen. I was suprised it made the cut by WB standards at the time. I guess many considor the gnarl demon ep. from season 7 as pretty gruesome, but not so much scary in my opinion. Also, there was a episode to whoms title I can't remember so if anyone knows please remind me, but it was buffy and had everyone being posessed and contained a really scary turn around with Anya have white eyes and a pretty creepy smile. Conversations with dead people was definitely the scariest episode of UPN-buffy, but WB-buffy had some good ones. Angel had more in my opinion for creepy/scary/etc. but buffy would make up more of the fun episodes. Although all the halloween episodes were priceless in my opinion, I liked all of them - even what I considor to be the weakest where dawn goes out with a bad crew and then makes out with a undead boy, I wish they had made one every year (I'll let it slide on Buffy Season One due to it starting mid-season) but I'm glad they had Angel do one 5th season after buffy was over. My only other regreat is lack of other holiday themed episodes, like the Christmas episode from Season three was great, and the valentines day episode from season two was excellent, unfortunately there weren't more encores to other holidays or just episodes for even more different holidays. Pangs was a good one I forgot about until somebody above mentioned it, perfect for thanksgiving which follows halloween in my holidays celebrations, so I definitely know one thing I'll be watching in November, I'll save it for thanksgiving, as my own personal way of showing my thankfulness for Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Serenity and everthing that has come and has yet to come. But I'm getting ahead of myself, I'd probably throw Once More, With Feeling on my halloween list because it was the first Buffy episode I ever saw first aired on TV and is so classic. Although you think I'd be getting sick of it since it makes almost every marathon list of buffy I make (much like Hush does, The body would make more but its just too powerful although I might throw it in for halloween marathon). But yeah, once again I'm going to include Once More, With Feeling because its probably the most nestaulgic episode of Buffy since it was my first one. Aw, now I miss Buffy, after halloween thanksgiving christmas etc. here's to hoping for a great new year of Jossness and maybe that Spike telemovie or some continuation of the buffyverse, this thread has once again reminded me how much I miss it. I mean, just look how much I wrote, the sheer length says it all.
I thought Hell Bound was quite a scary episode, but Hush is scary for very different reasons. Hell Bound is quite gory and shocking, whereas Hush is a lot to do with the lack of speech and the music and the build up of tension. That's not to say one of them is better than the other, though.

Was it just me or was Life of the Party neither a very frightening nor very good episode? I appreciate that there was quite a lot of good humour and little character moments, but on the whole I found it kind of disatisfying.

I remember a few years ago, right around Halloween, BBC2 started showing Buffy season six. I was really looking forward to it anyway, of course, but the timing of it made it even better. And hey, both Bargainning episodes are pretty scary. The whole dark, depressing tone after Buffy's death is bad enough, then when the demon gang take over it's even more so. And the poor Buffybot...

I'd have to think about it a bit more but if I am not doing anything else on Halloween, I will definitely be watching some of the scarier Buffy and Angel episodes. I'll have to think about it some more, but I would definitely guess that Halloween, Helpless, Hush, Bargainning, Conversations With Dead People will be representing Buffy, and maybe I've Got You Under My Skin, Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?, Billy, Habeas Corpses, Soulless, Hell Bound and Damage for Angel.

For me, those are some of the scariest episodes. But I think it would also be nice to watch some of the "B-movie, monster of the week" style episodes, like most of season two Buffy.
I think the scariest episode is Hush. Also one of the funniest. Hell Bound is plain scary.
BTW right now Jossverse vampires have 93% votes in the poll (Angel 30%, Dru 4% Spike 59%, Also BtVS has 78% as the most snubbed show.
I personally think Helpless, where Buffy loses her power, is one of the scariest episodes. Habeas Corpses is also pretty scary, but for a different reason.
How could I forget Fear, Itself? I have been watching Buffy season four and just watched it again. Not only is it one of the specific Halloween episodes, but it's is also very creepy. The whole haunted house thing works very well, there is a mixture of pretty cool special effects (the window disappearing, Gachnar manifesting, Willow's spell) along with those that are supposed to be deliberately cheesy.

I actually think Fear Itself is one of the most entertaining Buffy episodes, for something that is intended as filler rather than a season finale or something.
I can't believe I forgot "I've Got You Under My Skin." That was an excellent Excorist episode. And yeah, I sort of went with some of the funnier episodes on my list. If just went with episodes that were actually ment to be scary and were, my list would be quite different.

Giles with a chainsaw = Scary!
"I've Got You Under My Skin" was on my original marathon list, but I removed it, to make room for the "Fool For Love"/"Darla" section. I also left out "All the Way".
RIPWesley, the "white eyes" episode is Afterlife, 6.3.
I feel so sad for you guys and your "missing Buffy-ness". I watch an episode every morning while I'm getting ready for work. They show reruns on FX in the mornings. Today was "Graduation Day, Part 1". I have all the DVDs, too, so I'm totally Buffy-ed up!

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