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October 22 2005

New Southland Tales Stills. Watch the series of stills in this flash movie from the official site. I guess they decided to save the best for last.

I've been fairly unenthusiastic about Southland Tales since the beginning, and this isn't really helping it out. Donnie Darko was great, but I think Richard Kelly has either lost his mind or we're in for a delightfully unexpected oddity the likes of which no one has ever crafted before. Until I see some trailers or clips (or, hey, the movie itself), I won't be sure.

But, by the by, that is an incredibly sexy still of SMG.
If you look around on some of the Buffy websites you will find the SMG picture.
I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for the link.
Until I see some trailers or clips (or, hey, the movie itself), I won't be sure.

Same here, but i think i may be a bit more enthusiastic. I do think that Donnie Darko on paper sounded a bit more than absurd, but that has ended up being a cult favorite. I think being Kelley's follow-up, the critics may be especially harsh, but I'm optimistic.
I cant wait for it, I really hope its excellent! Both because Donnie Darko was brilliant so I hope this is, and also because mayb it will help SMG get into some better roles(which she's wanted) that really show her acting abilities. Not that Im sayin scooby-doo wasnt great lol
I had heard a lot about Donnie Darko for some time, and finally saw it in the summer. I was kind of worried that after the build up it might be a disappointment, but I did enjoy it and it was suitably strange but interesting.

I think Richard Kelly could well make another fantastic film with Southland Tales. Take Quentin Tarantino. Reservoir Dogs was a really good film, but Pulp Fiction is just as good, arguably even better. I'm sure there are people who fail to deliver following a promising debut but hopefully he will. I also think it would be great for Sarah. I'm certainly looking forward to it.
Um, that website creeped me out.

That said, I never really liked Donnie Darko, but I am pretty interested in seeing Southland Tales (I'm not sure why, though - probably Sarah)
I saw two stills with The Rock and SMG together. He has his shirt off and lots of tattoos and in one of them they are kissing. Yes, I'm looking forward to this movie.
I'm really hoping that Sarah will out-act The Rock and Sean William Scott, as she could probably do in her sleep, and impress everyone all the more.
Seeing as I'm really looking forward to this, I hope both leading men step up to the plate and bring their A-game alongside SMG. Hoping for her to out-act them is to encourage only her part in the film to hold up. Expecting her to out-act them on the other hand, that's probably realistic. Though on second thought, that's not fair to either The Rock or Scott, since neither of them have been put in anything challenging so far, at least nothing that I've seen. They've both got a ton of charisma at least, and I've been entertained by Scott in a few things, even though the insane overdose of Stifler in that third American Pie flick turned me off him for a while.

I'm not even looking at the promos for this. Checked the website out a couple times in its early days, but I'd like to go in completely blind. Just like I did for Donnie Darko.

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