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February 20 2003

Buffy Season 4 DVD Cover Art coming to America June 10th.

Disc 1:
Script for "Fear Itself"
Disc 2:
Commentary by Writer Doug Petrie for "The Initiative"
Commentary for "Wild at Heart" by Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon and Seth Green
Disc 3:
Commentary for "Hush" by Joss Whedon
"Spike Me"
"Oz revelations: A Full Moon"
"Buffy, Inside sets of Sunnydale"
Script for "Hush"
Cast Bios
Still Gallery
Disc 4:
Commentary for "This Year's Girl" by Writer Doug Petrie
Disc 5:
Commentary for "Superstar" by Jane Espenson
Script for "Who Are You?"
Disc 6:
Commentary for "Primeval" by Writers David Fury & James A. Cotner
Commentary for "Restless" by Joss Whedon
Featurette "Season 4 Overview"
Still Gallery

Season four may not be the best Buffy has to offer...but honestly, who doesn't like tuning in to watch reruns of "Superstar"? Personally, I can't wait for the DVDs.
Oh, commentary with Jim Contner! Best director working in TV (except for that Joss guy).
Argh! When will X be on the cover?!
Season 4 DVD on my birthday. Booyah!
I would bet that Xander shows up on the Season 6 cover. Unless, of course, the marketroids at 20th Century Fox decide that Buffy and Spike would sell more copies.
I'm surprised they didn't leave Angel and Faith on the cover for season 4. The trend seemed to be that they added one new character per season. And it's not like the people who do the DVD artwork have ever seen the show. What's up with Spike having his mug on a season 3 disc? He was only in one episode!
I added the words 'to America' to the description of this post as this DVD has been available elsewhere for a while now.
I have to agree, who the hell is designing these DVD sets? The ones for Region 2 are much better-looking and are packaged in a storybook format that's really quite nice. :P
I'm jealous of the of the extras that the region 1 Disc has compared to the region 2 DVD.
These extras are making me drool! Joss on Restless, commentary by Seth Green, featurettes on Oz and Spike, JE on Superstar... I seriously can not wait for this.
Prolific, this is a completely different DVD set than the one released in the UK. It's 4:3 (full screen) not widescreen, there's a different featurette, and an added commentary.
It's still Season 4 and it's still released in North America, not elsewhere. It makes sense to add that info to the post. I could start posting Dutch release dates here. Without mentioning the country it would be pretty pointless.

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