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October 23 2005

David Boreanaz feels bad to the Bones. Fans wonder how many bad puns about this show can headline writers possibly come up with.

Now, since I live in would make of me a bad person to hope that his future's projects wouldn't have so much success? Smirk....of course I kidding
No "Bones" about it: Boreanaz is back

"Boning" up with David Boreanaz (Dirty!)

No Phony "Bones": Getting Real with David Boreanaz

Dry as a "Bones": The Wit of David Boreanaz

Ezekiel Cracked Them Dry "Bones": Now Hear the Word of David Boreanaz

The Neck "Bones" Connected to the Mouth "Bones": Talking with David Boreanaz

Beneath the Skin: Boreanaz on "Bones"

Boreanaz (and Calcium) Leads to Strong "Bones"

Boreanaz Feels It In His "Bones"

"Bones" is the Name of a New Television Show Starring David Boreanaz. He Talks About It Here.
My personal Whedonverse favourite headline: "Joss is a Goner" used by 340543909 websites a few weeks ago.
"Boning" up with David Boreanaz (Dirty!)"

Can't help but think of one or two that would be appropriate if the show had tanked right away...

'Course, they would involve David pulling, something...

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Just Big-Boned: David Boreanaz on his new series.
I'm just waiting for the baseball to end so I can finally watch the show.
Stupid baseball. Maeve, I'm with you. . . I want the Series to be over. . .

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