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October 24 2005

Whedonesque on the map. Add yourself to this interactive Google map and show your fellow Whedonesque posters where you come from.

I am up there already guys!
Go zoom in around the sydney area, or just a little south of it. I've done a shout out to you all!

ETA: I just found me some Electricspacegirl on there too! You guys all have to add yourselves, and photos please!

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-10-24 11:38 ]
It just won't let me. I live in a city with about 100000 people, I've spelled it in all possible and impossible ways and all it says is "Invalid City. Please try again". Grrrr...
Heh, just saw a link to a browncoat version of this same thing over at today. Gonna add myself tonight, when I get home from work...if I don't have similar problems to Djungelurban, there.
I live in a town with about 2000 ppl and it has my town!? How weird is that? Just do the nearest town to yours.
It must have been a bug in the system cause eventually (like the 15th attempt) it worked. After all, it's "Frappr! Beta" we're talking about here.
Haa, I added myself as anno_superstar.
(I don't even know how I spell my name at different places ^^)

You're all so. very. pretty!
Added me and it even knew Neuss.*impressed*
Colour me confused this is a different map to the whedonverse one??

Ok I'll go and add myself right now :)
Great fun! Thanks for the link :)
Oh, bugger. I was the annoying guy who accidentally posted twice! Any way to delete one?
This is a different map, 't is our own.
Echoing RambleOn623's query--need to fix something and don't want to register twice.
Nifty :) Just added myself.
OK. D'oh! I just actually clicked on the link, thanx to Caroline and realised this was one for just us! Yipee! I'm on there now, piccies and all!
Wonderful link! Really gives the idea how well we have this world covered.
So great to see everyone! We're getting crowded in the Arizona/Cali area!
Thanks to whoever deleted that dupe for me! This thing's a lot of fun, by the way...
Hey, I wanna play, too, but this computer at work won't let me. :(
Pretty sparse over here in Asia.


But at least I'm not crowded.
I'm having more fun seeing everyone's pics than with the map itself.
But as it is right now, I own South America!!!
The ellipsis in my first post didn't come out. Can someone please fix me? Thanks!
Anyone else not seeing a map at all??? I can see everyone's pictures and "shout outs", and added one myself, but I tried viewing the map on both internet explorer and safari, and got a big blank spot in the middle of the page where I assume the map is supposed to be.
Very cool, Europe's better represented than I thought it would be.
Randygiles, I had to turn on javascript.

I think I am crowding Caroline.
Oh, good fun. I'm in. Might be cool to have a perm. link to this in the right-side nav of the black so that it's always easily accessible to anyone new, or those who haven't been by in a while, or even regulars who just wanna watch the world of Whedon expand all pretty and map-like...
SpikeBad has posted representing the Delaware Browncoats/Scoobies. Let's see if we can get all 50 states.
All our little dots create a constellation I like to call "Big Pile 'o Crackers"...okay, that's a reach. But hey, now I have a face to put with a place to put with a name!
Well this is certainly fun! No one looks anything like I thought they would. In fact - I don't even look like I thought I would! heeee!
One more thing....SpikeBad - does it count that I was actually born in Delaware?
Yep, I'm on there as well now. Yay! The website is incredibly slow on my computer, though.

I do enjoy browsing this. We're a widespread bunch, we are.
No. You have to live in Delaware for it to count.
Let's see if we can get all 50 states.
We should try to cover the six continents first (excluding Antartica obviously).
Well, I think I'm on there - every time I try to click on where I think I am in Massachusetts it shows me someone from the other side of the world!

And why not Antarctica? I'm sure there's some research scientists there who are Whedon fans!
So what did you imagine we all looked like Ruthless?
Wish I was researching some science in Antarctica. Be awful hard to get to Shindigs tho.
I'm alone in Spain :p
Yay! I am on there - and there are other people from MA! Of course I'm still off by myself in the deep woods while the rest of you are city folk!

GVH it's very slow on my PC too but that's always the case with this stupid dial-up!
That rocks! Thx for the link.... wow I exist ;-)
This is fueling my need to travel, as everyone I see outside the states, I think to myself "wow! I wanna go there! and there!! and there!!"
LOL, FF. Though it's merely a guess, I'm thinking there's many a worn out BtVS tapes amongst the research teams in Antarctica.
Looks like it Caroline.
There are research teams in Antartica studying the Ancient Outpost that they used to defend Earth against Anubis. Oh wait, wrong show. My bad.
I just added myself and included a photo.
Wow there are 4 Italians!And three of us live in my same city yay! I could do a meeting...LOL. Anyway now I don't feel so alone anymore
nixygirl - here's how it goes as far as how I thought everyone would look. It's necessary for a number of examples from the "mind of ruthless1" to be included, for you to get it. For example - your name is nixy which rhymes with pixie - so I thought you would have slightly pointy ears. SoddingNancyTribe - well - sodding is kind of close to the word sopping, Nancy is my sisters's name and tribe is many - so I thought he perhaps looked like a bunch of my sisters. electricspacegirl - I used an electric space heater in NZ 20 years ago so I always automatically think of her looking sort of "new zealandish" (whatever THAT means). There used to be a band here in Denver called Caroline's Mother - so I always thought of caroline as a "motherly" type. See how my logic works? (or doesn't work for anyone but me!) Even I am included in this. My tag is ruthless1 - but I am a big softie - I can be ruthless but only under extremem duress and even then it takes great effort. I would rather be watching a whedon show, hiking or playing music! Hope that clarifies things. Or not.
Hmm... I wonder how you delete photos. I noticed most were doing headshots, so I cropped mine some. Now they're all up there. I thought they would auto-replace, as they say you can only upload one photo.

Oh well. *shrug* It's still a great new toy!
When I type the first few letters of my city, the popup menu finds the whole name, but when I click on that, it replaces the city name with 'undefined'. So I guess that means the program doesnt have locations for all cities in it's database? I might have to give up on that one and go for the capital city instead.

Also, I was in Antarctica for three weeks once! does that count? Plus, they send movies on DVDs down there and have screenings, sometimes only a little while after the movie is released
OK so this time it worked - I just typed the whole name out as written in the menu rather than click on the link.

Is anyone else getting two different maps when they reload? For example one map had one person in Malaysia, the next had one in the Phillipines and one in India, but no Malaysia (they were the easiest spaces to see ;) I think the server is having difficulty keeping up with us. It's great to see where everyone lives :)
Ruthless, You made me LOL then! I was loling! That was very funny, as you can see, I have very little of the pixie atributes! It's so great to put faces to names isn't it.

Also Vera, it sometimes makes a difference on how zoomed into the map you are as to whether someone will show up in a coutry.
For example one map had one person in Malaysia


Hi Vera. :)

I think it just takes a while to load everyone. Naturally, we asians get the short stick. ;)

Hi Nick :)

Yeah, I either get you or Madhatter but never both at the same time. Im sure it's some kind of conspiracy ;)
So great to see some faces to my whedonesque friends!!
Added myself (Charlie W, Revere MA), and my picture with Eliza Dushku. Fun stuff.
Whedonesque: actual real people who care about the same stuff as you.

Wonderful idea-thanks for making it happen
There's someone (Jan) from Montpelier! And I am from Montpellier! Only letter of difference... but thousands of kilometers. ;)

BTW, Caroline's photo is really great (strong face, plus, badly framed, as in Firefly... cool ;) ).
Aww... you guys are so very, very pretty. So fun to see you all and such great photos! Makes me think I should've put one up that actually looks like me instead of the funky costumed shot of me that I added for silliness. Hmm.

Cool, too, that the map appears to have become a perm. feature on the homepage. Looking forward to watching the map-filling ensue. Cheers, friends.

[ edited by barest_smidgen on 2005-10-25 12:46 ]
We're far too pretty for God to deny us a sequel.

ETA: Just posted my photo. Can the admins fix my duplicate line? I'd be SOOOO grateful.

[ edited by brownishcoat on 2005-10-25 15:24 ]
Can the admins fix my duplicate line? I'd be SOOOO grateful.

Same for me... I added my photo, but I also re-wrote my line, which now appears twice...

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