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October 24 2005

Serenity WILL open in Germany. Good news for all Germans: Someone named bschnell posted this in the official movie sites forum: "[...] the word from Frankfurt is: _Of course_ SERENITY will open in Germany on November 24."

Frankfurt is where the german branch of UIP resides, which he phoned to clear up the rumors. Also, the double-feature screenings arranged in cooperation by FOX and UIP still happen as planned.
Edit to add: On the German Firefly board " Jaina" has to add this reply from UIP: "As we read in your board you also fear that SERENITY could have only a limited release. This too is an unsubstantiated rumor."
(Translated by me)

Good news but a word of warning:

The international box office is suffering even more than the domestic box office is. In Germany the first six months of 2005 are down 14% compared to the same period in 2004

Germany’s economy is not doing well at all, so people obviously have no money for luxuries like going to the cinema. Be realistic and don’t expect too much in terms of actual money taken.

Given that as a German cinema operator I would want to play it very safe to keep my business from completely sliding into the red and only choose sure things (ie known stars etc), if Serenity can get a wide release, quite frankly this will already be a major victory.

Hopefully, the film will buck the trend, but we shall see. Sorry - not trying to be pessimistic, just keeping it real.
Best news of today!!! Or this month, rather.
Now let's see what they'll do to market it here.
I meant to post this :) I was told wrong, according to the chaps at UIP Germany it is indeed still due for a wide release.

Don't know about other countries as can't find anybody who knows what the score is with them.
Well yeah, gossi, originally I planned to name the posting "Ha! gossi, you were wrong! In your face!" but in the last minute refrained from doing so and decided for a more objective title.

miranda : I guess the economy is doing quite fine here, but the wages decline (as do social benefits for the many unemployed, retirement pensions, etc.) while at the same time the cost of living rises. Another problem could be that the cinema landscape is dominated by cineplexes with abnormal high ticket pricing and an often less then satisfying viewing experience thanks to underpayed, overworked and badly trained projectionists. And bad movies of course. Yeah, Star Wars III had a high box office here, but I wouldn't hold it befroe anyone if they don't want to go to the cinema for a year or so, after being so heavily disappointed.

Now excuse me while I do my I-posted-it-first-I-posted-it-first-dance ...

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Hee, go ahead PowerToThePeople - you were quite right. In fairness, I was correct about the other countries I believe, and Germany was labeled as unconfirmed.
Yay! Go Germany! (which sounds very strange coming out of my mouth)
I'm just wondering, is it confirmed that Greece indeed will not be releasing Serenity?
'Tis OK, gossi. Predicting the future is always an iffy issue and you'll never win against 20-20 hindsight. You're doing good and we appreciate your efforts.

Frankly, I didn't believe the reports that 'Serenity' would not be shown in Germany. Having lived there for four years, I knew better. As in the UK, the good people there do love their Buffy and I suspected this would draw an audience that would warrant the showing of our BDM in theaters. However, I'm still disappointed in the number of other countries that have confirmed that 'Serenity' will be released directly to DVD. Of course, the box office is now such a small part of the profit making margin of a film, however that seems to still be a gage of how successful a movie has become. A shame, really.
WOW, am I relieved! I can still drag everybody and anybody to the Cinema!
Yeah great news. I'm still curious what numbers are going to come in from that country. As I said before it's one of the bigger european countries and has a strong Buffy following...for the euro market this would've been a blow to the movie.

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