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October 24 2005

Last chance to bid in the 'Conversations with the 'Verse' auction. Today is the final day to bid for a telephone conversation with the likes of Joss Whedon, Tim Minear, David Fury, Stephanie Romanov etc. Proceeds will go to those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Some great conversation with 'verse legends still going cheap... have at it, y'all! For those of you who said you wouldn't bother because you were sure you'd be outbid, go for it. Some of these guys are still so attainable, they're an attainathon.
Oh I would love to bid on the opportunity to talk to Joss Whedon, but that is a lot of money to pay to be all tongue tied for ten minutes (not that he isn't capable of doing a monologue that would be well worth the money).
Just ask him to sing when he phones, he'd love that.

(Slaps himself)
11.50 (2 bids) for John Billingsley? Where are all the Star Trek fans?
Caroline - was wondering the same thing - and let's not forget his great guest appearance on West Wing as the guy from the map group.
Oh, zeitgeist. It's been bugging me since I saw him on Angel where I knew him from. The map society guy, indeed. Fantastic.
Yeha, he's great fun :) Gonna bid him up a bit for an early Christmas gift for my brother, methinks.
I'd love to talk to any of the writers, but for the life of me I don't know what I would say.

Has the John Billingsley one been advertised on Star Trek sites? Perhaps that fanbase hasn't been enlightened enough to visit Whedon-related sites.
Where's the Fury love?
I imagine that there will be a flurry of bidding on Fury towards the end - as well as on some of the others.
Gossi? Why wouldn't we ask Joss to sing? He can carry a tune. ?
One Hour to go and a reminder to all that this is open to international bidding as well.

The auction has now ended - thanks to everyone who bid and those who won will be recieving an email shortly.
Can we get a listing of how much people paid for Joss? I mean, to talk with Joss? And Fury and the rest?
I bid for David Fury but was outbid. But then the auction did end at two in the morning here...
The winning bids total over $1900 it will be divided between the Red Cross and the AKC Canine Support fund for Katrina victims, the pre-paid phone cards will sent to the Red Cross after the calls are made;

Joss Whedon $720.00
Tim Minear $637.17
David Fury $285.00
Dennis Christopher $152.50
Stephanie Romanov $61.00
John Billingsley $55.50
Camden Toy $36.00
George Hertzsberg $31.00
Scott Schwartz $10.00

Thanks again for all those who bid and to the celebrities for donating there time. The calls will be made within the first week of Nov, schedules permitting.

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