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February 20 2003

Is there still hope for Firefly? Captain Tightpants seems to think so. Nathan Fillion posts to Fox's Firefly Forum.

Is this legitimate? How can one tell? Anybody could sign on pretending to be some celebrity and people would buy it without looking for proof. Sorry to be a party pooper but this feels more like wishful thinking than anything else.
The gavel next to Nathan's screen name means he's the real deal. He's posted there quite frequently in the past.
Any thoughts on what Joss might be cooking up?
I think it's got to be a movie of some sort. That would play nice with the actors getting other TV work, as well. I doubt any Firefly movie would see a theatrical release, but perhaps some sort of direct-to-video or made-for-TV thing could happen.
I think Joss is planning to take over FOX HQ with an army of commando nuns and program an all Whedon network.
Do it! Do it! Commando nuns! I'm all about it, baby!
From I understand the sets have been torn down.

The flavour of the month seems to anime movies so maybe that could be the road that Joss is taking Firefly down.
In the post, Nathan said that the sets have indeed been torn down, but that he was also told that they could be reassembled easily.
I'm voting YES on that army-of-nuns thing. I think at this point I'm even willing to become one, if it'll help.

The sad truth, however, is that the longer it's off the air, the less chances the show has to get back on. How completely depressing.

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