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October 24 2005

Mysterious Skin available on DVD (R1) tomorrow. Gregg Araki's critically acclaimed film. Stars Michelle Trachtenberg.

Thanks for the notice, e. This goes on my netflix queue toot-sweet.
I suggest warming up with Happiness, Nowhere, and Requiem for a Dream, maybe The Woodsman or Bully just to get you in the mindset. Somehow, I don't see Best Buy carrying this.
So, um, are you saying it's a bit of a downer?

Hmmm, I've watched, and enjoyed, both Happiness and Bully. Guess that means I'll really like this.
incredible movie. just incredible. those characters stayed with me for some time. fantastic screenplay, and wonderful performances, not least from michelle t.
OK, wait -- if it is coming out tomorrow, then why does Netflix list it as coming out on Nov 1st? That's an odd discrepancy.
SoddingNancyTribe, yeah, I think "downer" is probably the kindest description possible.

I just heard from Best Buy that they won't get Mysterious Skin until November 8th, so go figure.
Didn't see this, but it got some fabulous reviews (notably in the NY Times.)
Added it to my queue - thanks!

Re: The Woodsman - excellent film, Kevin Bacon especially. Another one that deals with the same subject matter very well is L.I.E. with Brian Cox - both he and Bacon portray pedophiles with many complicated layers, not one-note characters. Considering the themes, neither are films I'd recommend to people looking for the next feel good movie of the year.

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