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October 25 2005

On Point Pleasant and Prison Break - Marti Noxon tells all. A somewhat jolly interview with her at TV Guide. There's also some discussion of the proposed Spike movie as well.

Her guess or assumption that it'd be Minear or Goddard writing the Spike movie makes me anxious -- I had assumed Joss wouldn't be directing, but I really thought he'd co-write and leave his co-writer with directing duties. He needs to at least co-write!
Just because he isn't credited as writer; doesn't mean he's not involved with it. Conversations with Dead People, anyone? I think there would be some collaboration.
"Part of that was certainly my fault, and part was the network demanding so much exposition. They want everything spelled out, and that's a problem in the genre."

Tru Calling's every five minute recap anyone? That always makes me think that tv execs really think that viewers are really stupid or too lazy to make some logical thinking.
I hope that Joss and Tim break the story together and then Joss lets Tim just go off and write it.
Minear writing a Buffyverse movie? I'm in! It doesn't always have to be Joss, per se. Yes, he's my favorite of the bunch, but most, if not all, of the ME writers are great, and Minear is up there with the best of 'em. There were some Firefly and Angel eps by mr. Minear which will always remain in my list of all-time favorites. So I'm not worried. At all.

And yes, I do imagine Joss would at least be involved in breaking the story.
Didn't Joss say somewhere that he already had the basic story in mind and he just needed another writer to flesh it out? Which would be fine, IMO. Tim or Drew would do a remarkable job.

I'm glad Marti has such a good altitude towards 'Point Pleasant'. I think she's right that the first few uneventful episodes cost her the show. I remember checking out the ratings for those episodes and the second half ratings drop was huge. I didn't get the chance to watch the last few episodes, but I recall several members of this board mentioning they were pretty good. Also haven't been able to check out 'Prison Break', however I understand it's doing well. Good for Marti.
I assumed that Joss would be involved in breaking the story, but that he'd then had it over to Tim Minear to flesh it out. I think Joss mentioned in an interview that he wouldn't be writing or directing himself simply because he wouldn't have time.

Heck, I'm just thrilled that a) TV Guide asked about the Spike movie again and b) that Marti's answer wasn't "what Spike movie?"

I'm glad Marti's got herself a new gig.
Yeah, the more this Spike movie is discussed the more real it starts to seem. It's almost becoming very matter of fact whenever it get's mentioned.

I actually don't mind who is chosen to finally write it because i trust that Joss will only hand it over to somebody he trusts to get the job done well. That's good enough for me.
I can't imagine there would be something left in the script that Joss didn't approve of. Plus, aren't Tim and Joss chums? I like to think they are! Wouldn't they talk about these things even if they're not contractually obliged to? I don't know anything about how they work, together or seperately, maybe someone in the know could advise. :) As someone who wanted to love Point Pleasant, I felt it gave away too much too soon. I would have preferred to wonder who Christina was for longer than one episode.

Noxon: Yeah. Well, that was the other way to go, but that was not the way it was designed. It was really designed to sort of let you know, like The Omen, so that you're hip to it. Later, we tried to stay more mysterious about other things and the more we did that, the better the show was. Part of that was certainly my fault, and part was the network demanding so much exposition. They want everything spelled out, and that's a problem in the genre. Since then, I think Lost has earned the right to say no to stuff like that.

I had the same complaint about PP. It gave up too much too soon. I think it was the third episodes when I felt like I was jumping into the middle of a season finale. It was too rushed, and too soapy in parts, and the characters weren't developed enough to care when all the bad and crazy stuff happened to them so quickly. A slower build up would have been smarter. It was nice to read Noxon's answer to that complaint though.
Very true and I can't imagine the sling this places the modern day show runner in getting their show off the ground. The network expects an instant hit which is kinda' hard when you wish to build a climax of the same program. Talk about being stuck in a catch 21. No wonder Joss left television.
"Catch 21"? The hitherto little-known sibling of Catch 22? Even more tricksy, no doubt.

I still love Marti. And I'm not ashamed to tell the world. :)
Catch 21? The "two-faced solitaire challenge"? Tricksy, indeed, SNT :)
For some reason these last few posts made me think of one of my favorite Scrubs moments ever -- JD playing ConnectFour with the Grim Reaper -- "Pretty sneaky, Death...".
I hope that they do hurry up the Spike movie, considering that it's already in the planning.
Was is just me, or was James in last week's Smallville, really starting to look his age, or was the magic of tv make up? Anyway, do hope that they hurry up, before James starting to show any signs that he's getting closer to 50.
I think James looked great and is aging quite gracefully. I didn't think the lighting on SV was very flattering, but then it never was on Angel either. James may be in his early forties, but so are almost all of the most popular and successfull actors in Hollywood. Pitt, Cruise, Clooney, Bandares....they are all in their 40's or older, and I don't think any of them can hold a candle to James as far as looks or talent.
I just hope that if Joss and TM are sincere about a Spike movie...they announce something definite soon, because if they wait too long James may get too involved with other things and not be able to do it.

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