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October 25 2005

(SPOILER) Kristin reveals Veronica Mars info concerning Charisma and Alyson. There is also a mention of Kitchen Confidential.

Charisma Carpenter and Alyson Hannigan will share the screen in an upcoming episode of Veronica Mars. There is also a mention of Joss's episode although not a very exciting one.

Also, I believe she mentions Marsters, too.. (Smallville's great ratings)
Ooooo that is gonna be one Look at all the Pretty episode!
Awesome, I was hoping Aly and Charisma would get some screen time together. And a possible cat fight to boot! I know, I'm a bad man ;)
There's even reference to Marc Blucas who is apparently dating Lauren Graham?!..."Again I say 'huh'?"
I read somewhere that the last Smallville episode with Aquaman in it, which was also the first episode to feature Marsters for any significant length of time, actually broke ratings records for the WB.
Given the WB's ratings of late, that wouldn't be terribly hard.
Looking forward to seeing Aly and Charisma together again, and who wouldn't be happy about the possibility of a catfight!

Shame that last weeks Smallville was the first one to feature James properly, was the worst one so far this season.
Oh snap, Simon :) Very true, of course.
Yep, here's the WB's ratings for that night. No part on James, of course. 'Smallville' still remains one of their stronger shows, but overall, the WB is still running dead last. Not that I'm keeping track or anything...not at all...
But the WB has a clever new subliminal advertising ploy. They preface everything with "the new hit show." Of course I saw a promo for "Close to Home" last night that called it "One of the 10 new shows" no other adjective, like top, best-rated, critically acclaimed, just one of the 10.

Of course while trying to catch a weather forecast this morning I was reminded once again of how much of the big 3 networks' morning news is self-generated stuff about their own shows. Maybe the WB and UPN should have an early morning talk show to promote themselves,too.
Of course, they are using the phrase "the hit new show" in it's "our latest attempt to find something that will match the quality of Angel, that series we stupidly axed a couple of seasons back!" sense.

I might have even forgiven the WB by now if they had gone on to create a schedule, or even a single series, that justified cancelling Angel. If they had just managed to prove us wrong and show that, from their point of view at the very least, ending Angel prematurely was the right thing to do. That they could become a real ratings winner!

Guess they are just biding their time, huh? ;)

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