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October 25 2005

Techsploitation: Fanactivism. The insightful Annalee Newitz brings us her take on Serenity and the fan efforts to keep the 'verse alive.

Really interesting article, made me all stirred up! I particularly like:

They live in a world where social improvement means social control, and where free expression is under siege.

Sounds familiar.

The responses are interesting too - one by Xynyx on the 'wild west as a paradigm for future' is something I've not thought about in that way before.

However I see the wild west isn't there as a paradigm, more as past repeating itself/ humanity perpetuating itself in the sense that that's just what there is - your way of life is governed by what you've got. But there's an element of truth in the romanticism of the rebel with a gun as the answer.
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Glad you liked it, Techsploitation has been my favorite column for about five years now. Annalee Newitz is really intelligent, and one of the things I always liked about Techsploitation when I was younger was that she'd write articles about Buffy.

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I just love the word "fanactivism" and plan to incorporate it into conversations about the 'verse. I also found the comparision to freedom of the press intriging as I hadn't thought of that before.
I was okay with this until here:

"Fans of the show...are the cultural equivalent of political progressives."

There's just a tad too much self-puffery and smug self-satisfaction in that statemment for my liking. One man's opinion.
Heh, that was a fun article to read. I can see where Chris inVirginia would have difficulty though. I do think that she explains it better later on, and I can see where she's coming from, though the analogy is stretching things somewhat, in my opinion.

I do tend to like progressive reflections on Serenity better than conservative ones. But that's all down to personal political preference.

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