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October 25 2005

Alexis Denisof will voice Mirror Master in Justice League Unlimited. His voice-work will be featured in the episode "Flash and Substance".

JLU producers continue to show their love for previous ME show cast members.

It was announced here that Daniel Dae Kim, will be voicing a non-asian character in the current season.

Justice League Unlimited has already featured and will feature the following ME actors in the following roles:
Gina Torres as Vixen
Amy Acker as Huntress
Morena Baccarin as Black Canary
Nathan Fillion as Vigilante
Adam Baldwin as Bonk / Jonah Hex / Hal Jordan (uncred.)
Armin Shimerman as Dr. Milo
Juliet Landau as Tala / Plastique
Giselle Loren as Stargirl
Daniel Dae Kim as TBC
Alexis Denisof as Mirror Master

So is that Alexis' first role since Angel ended?
Finally some Alexis news! I'm excited, I'll watch.
I think Adam also did the voice of Hal Jordan in his one cameo appearance. I love that they cast Nathan as Vigilante, a cowboy in outer space, and that he worked opposite Gina Torres's Vixen in that episode.
Ah, I'll take what Alexis I can get, but I really want to see him in the flesh in something soon!
I want to see Alexis in the flesh too! Heehee.
I have seen Alexis in the flesh.
Wow, that's an impressive list of Jossverse actors!
Wow, that's an impressive list of Jossverse actors!

Well, Bruce Timm is a big fan of Firefly at the very least, and I'm pretty sure Buffy.
From what I heard, the people behind JLU are MAJOR Buffy fans, hence all the Whedonverse actors cropping up.

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Okay, admittedly a Marvel fanboy here but Mirror who???

C'mon, this is Alexis! They couldn't have at least given him somebody slightly recognisible. Even the Blue Beetle would have been better than Mirror Master!
Vampire With a Gun, Mirror Master is a villain from Flash's Rogues Gallery. And he is quite an recognizable character, for a DC fan, specially after some of the work Geoff Johns did with the Rogues in his recent work in "Flash".

This episode will be centered on the League fighting the Rogues. Even Mark Hammil will be featured as the Trickster.
Thanks, Numfar PTB. I actually asked a friend of mine in the comic biz who the Mirror Master was after i'd posted that and he said that he was a lot more well known than i had assumed. What can i say? I'm a Marvelite from way back and my knowledge of the Flash, and DC in general, is extremely limited. Now, Quicksilver, him i could tell you about!

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