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October 25 2005

Michael Crawford reviews Sideshow's 12" Vampire Buffy and Diamond Select's Buffy versus Dracula mini-bust over in his Movie Poop Shoot column too.

I have this figure and absolutely love it. I think she came out perfect and looks better than the prototype did. Michael's pictures (and every picture I've seen, including the ones I took) don't do the figure justice because the camera kind of emphasizes the shadowing done. The shadowing in real life is very subtle and adds a lot to the figure. The original prototype didn't have the shadowing. Sideshow has updated their pictures of Vamp Buffy so you can't compare them but the old ones were still up when I got my figure.

The axes she comes with are absolutely great. I love the big one the best and the tombstone, for me, was worth the extra money. Sometimes the exclusive accessories are really minor things but this was a nice substantial accessory and it's made of polystone so it feels like real stone and has some weight to it.

My only complaint is the baggy pants like Michael mentioned. It wouldn't be hard to fix but I just wish Sideshow had made them a little tighter or gave her the same pants that they gave Hush Buffy. And someone on another board was disappointed in the jacket not being the shiny vinyl/pleather like material seen in the episode but just regular cloth. I don't mind this difference because it is easier to pose her. The Graduation Day Buffy comes with the pleather long red coat and it bunches up a bit near her shoulders.
From the pictures, I would agree with him that the prototype vamp face looks a little more like the actual episode than the pictures of the model he has taken, but I'll take your word that they are actually better than they look in the photos.

I also agree about the baggy pants, the top half of the picture looks very impressive, but the bottom half just makes it look a tad silly, still a very cool figure but just making them tighter would have made the whole figure look much better. It is quite a good likeness, perhaps vamp versions of characters are easier to do than the actual actor themselves.

Compared to, say the Willow figure that this review links to, this is fantastic, and quite good otherwise. I'd like to point out how good I think these reviews are, and very interesting. I haven't got any of the Buffy figures, but I do intend to once I get a part time job and some disposable income. I'm especially interested in the Buffy PALZ and also any of the good action figures, such as a couple of the Buffy ones, the Oz ones, and The Gentlemen. Are there any other really impressive ones I should check out? Does anyone have links to pictures?

Also, does anyone know any good UK sites which carry the Buffy and Angel figures?

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