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October 25 2005

(SPOILER) Jeffrey Bell writing/directing episode 6 of Alias S5. The episode is titled "Solo" and has Amy Acker as a guest star. Also, Alias Season 4 came out on DVD today and it features Bell and Goddard on commentary together.

First thing I watched after the outtakes. A few BtVS mentions, all I can remember off the top of my head is that JM's double plays a thug, and they point it out..
Last week's episode also featured Amy, and was written by Drew Goddard.
And Eddy, I think there's a typo in Jeff's name on the title.
All corrected now.
Okay, this has to stop! Every single time i decide to quit watching a series, or just not bother starting to watch a new one, does somebody from the 'verse decide to make an appearance. Not only am i going to actually have to give Smallville a look this year, not to mention get around to checking out Veronica Mars, but now i have to give a third chance to Alias! I do have a life, y'know!!!
Gah! I missed the Drew Goddard episode? Alas, I've been waiting with baited breath for the thing and the one week Alias slips my mind. . .

Seriously though, what's WITH this show? With the weird place it's gone to, all the talented former ME writers in the world couldn't write it out of its "I'm going to take after the last three seasons of the X-files"ness.

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