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October 26 2005

Tory MP walked in on me when I was naked. Shock. Horror. As the battle for the UK Conservative Party leadership causes much excitement amongst the chattering classes (and mass indifference with everyone else), The Mirror picks up on a 'connection' with the front runner David Cameron and an Angel guest star.

She was Senator Helen Brucker in 'Power Play' and 'Not Fade Away'. It's an interesting example of how bizarre the UK tabloids can be.

Now, OK, Simon, you won't easily get away with this: how did you manage to find this?

Acknowledge it, Simon: you regularly read the mirror, isn't it?


This may very well be the weirdest article I have seen linked here :-)
The interesting thing is that Buffy is assumed to be a part of popular culture in the UK that anyone reading a tabloid will know about.
Ah, you can always trust the good old Mirror to manage to get sex, politics and TV celebrities into the same headline!

The interesting thing for me is that I didn't think I'd ever feel sorry for a Tory candidate. She sounds ghastly - if she'd had any taste or tact at all, she'd (a) never have told the story at some Con (b) have had no comment to make or cleared his name rather then trying to get coverage out of it once contacted by the Mirror.

It's a fine way to repay someone for being a guest in their house - to imply (falsely, if you read down far enough, she coyly admits) that you've shagged their flatmate just because it might get you a couple of inches in a British tabloid.

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Roadrunner, i noticed exactly the same thing. 99% of the article, the headline included, makes it out to be something akin to the latest in a long line of political sex scandal stories until the final few lines where the writer finally bothers to point out that she mentioned the whole thing was perfectly innocent.

Whilst it would have been a lot more tactful for Stacey to have not mentioned anything about the incident at all, you can't really blame her for the way the article was written. That is just typical tabloid style, sensationalism first, facts later ... maybe, y'know, if they have the space!
Well, indeed, but it was her who told an entire Starfury convention and then wondered how the reporter could have got hold of it...
They're really reaching for scandals these days...
It's quite possible it may help rather than harm him, on reflection. It's a long time since there was a Tory leader you could imagine consorting with even C list Hollywood actresses.
Keith Topping posted! *awed*.
roadrunner - " it might get you a couple of inches in a British tabloid"


You do not want those two ideas in the same sentence in this context!
Funny I don't remember that snippet of gossip at the con - must have been when I was queueing for a photo :(

Anyway sounds like the usual non story to me, so no change there from the tabloids.
Well, indeed, but it was her who told an entire Starfury convention and then wondered how the reporter could have got hold of it...

Mmm, well, I don't know. A convention does seem like a closed environment, or at least, it may feel like that. And a funny anecdote about a policitian seeing you naked, well, why not tell that story, right? It's certainly pretty innocent. I think she was probably surprised that people actually picked up on that and that it reached the tabloids.
A convention seems like a closed environment, GVH?

You've obviously never seen the obsessive level of feedback from, say, any James Marsters event, then ;-)

Saying anything in front of 600 people you've never met before can hardly be said to be being discreet.

Still, it livened up the day.
>>Keith Topping posted! *awed*.

It's the new haircut, right?!


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