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October 26 2005

Want to make your own Firefly special effects? "3d-Palace is pleased to announce the release of their new training DVD "Stormbringer": A step by step modelling, animation and texturing tutorials set for the creation of the "Firefly Class" transport ship based upon the TV Series "Firefly" by Fox and the newly released motion picture "Serenity" by Universal. This 30+ hour training set comes on two data DVDs , and shows you every stage of the process.."

Scroll down the page, past the blankness, to get to the DVD set front and back cover and more information. The first person to complete the tutorial wins $100 apparently.

If this is half as good as it sounds on the tin then I'd buy it for a dollah. Seriously, though - this looks so very cool.
Is it licensed from Zoic, Fox, and/or Universal?
I've no idea. They've launched it with a press release, and it's from a proper company, so I'd think so.

I should point out I found this on Google today - I've no relation to the company.
If this is half as good as it sounds on the tin then I'd buy it for a dollah.

Me too. The one sticking point might be that 3DS Max costs a teensy bit more than that...
This is very true. I expect a wave of new fan art soon, though - it even includes the docking door and landing legs, and the shuttles. Awful pretty.
Incredible to think how much technology has moved on in the last few years. Escape From New York (made in the dim and distant past of 1981) had 'Computer graphics' showing wire frame outlines of the skyscrapers as the plane flew between them. They were actually made by hand drawing animation and making it look like computer graphics because even a simple green-on-black wire outline would be far too expensive to to with a computer. Now we have movie quality SFX with color, shade, texture, lighting, everything available on a good home PC.

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