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October 26 2005

(SPOILER) Josscentricality - our very own nixygirl's leap into the world of podcasting. Entertaining and informative, this podcast from one of our very own, discusses all things Joss, including Serenity (that's the spoiler warning), Wonder Woman and various other projects. Mirror here, temporary feed here.

Edited to add mirror of .mp3 and an .xml feed location -zeitgeist.

With The Signal slowing down, it is good to have new alternatives to listen to. Fireflytalk also sounds as though it will be good. I'm just listening to their first podcast now.
Are there any podcasts out there which deal with the whole Whedonverse?
Thanks Simon. I haven't listened to this in a while because it seems as though a lot of the information come from here! I'll give it another try. I'm becoming addicted to podcasts for the long trip to work.
Hm, I don't get it. Ain't podcasts supposed to open in iTunes? I guess it's ok to provide an alternative for people without iPod/iTunes ... But this is just an mp3 that opens in my browser?
Podcasts are pretty much .mp3s sent through ITMS://, especially as syndicated via RSS, so... technically this is more like audioblogging. Edited post to add a mirror -- nixy, email me and I can help you with getting an rss feed set up, there is some fairly simple 'casting software out there.
zeitgeist: Yup, that's what's missing here. Me clicking on a subscribe button and iTunes opening with a subsription added to its library. I prefer that to having to keep track of all those files on my harddisk myself.
Yup will do Zeitgeist. I'm also going to upload it hopefully tonight with ITunes. Oh, also, it's really JustinJ's gig, Zuckerbaby, and I are just along for the ride!

ETA: Looks like I can't get the Podcast onto ITunes until tommorrow evening. Sorry guys. This is all new to me. t's also bunches of fun!

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-10-26 16:58 ]
Don't have a lot of time to mess with at the moment (am at work), but you can drag and drop this link into podcasts in iTunes and use it to sub/update for the time being.
Yay; thank you babe! Also I might add, this was taped a few weeks back, so the info is a little old. We'll be doing a new one in about a week or so.
The mighty Zuckerbaby, our fellow Whedonsquer is the other female host.
Thank You for linking it Catalyst!

ETA: Lioness, that's kind of what we are trying to do with this one. We're talking Serenity, to start of with, because that's what is relevent for right now. The next one will be probably an anlysis of the BDM, and lot's and lot's of stories of our Beers with Joss

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-10-26 17:10 ]
You guys each desperately need your your own microphones. :)

I'm glad it was mentioned in the Illyria's gender conversation that Illyria is asexual. I think it's important to note that Illyria doesn't think of Fred's body as weak because it's a female body, but weak because it's a human body. Gender doesn't seem to be that big of an issue for Illyria. I digress.

I don't know what it is, but Aussie accents are very soothing to me.

[ edited by ringworm on 2005-10-26 19:43 ]
Yea, that was a total technical thing that day. Not to worry the next one will be better. We'll all have our own mikes. We did have more mikes, but something went wrong.

OK, the weak female body was me. I didn't really intend for it to sound like a gender thing, but yea, point taken!
Also, I don't know how my insane giggling could be anything like soothing! If you guys have any ideas or suggestions, we would so love feedback hey!

Email me on You can even send little mp3 sound bytes we can add them to it maybe? Or questions, or anything really!

Thanx guys, esp Zeitgeist, for helping us out soooo much!
I'm totally trying to convince him and Barest_Smidgen to come to Oz for one mighty fine holiday. (even tho they've only just gotten back from Scotland!)
Thanks nixygirl. Good to know. I am so looking forward to the beery tales.
About to have a listen, but wanted to say in the meantime: Ah, nix... zeitgeist and I were lying awake one night in our wee little Scottish cottage (you know, totally in separate twin beds and all... a-hem) speaking of W-esque and the odd but wonderful way this thing we've found together came to be, and you absolutely topped our long list of "Friends From the Black [we'd] Most Want to Meet in Person." If Oz is on the menu, nixygirl is the first thru third cocktail...
Oh, *sniff*, that is so sweet!
Well in that case you guys HAVE to come Down Under! I also was looking at the gorgeous cottages you stayed in! Jealous much?
Hell Yes! Well if you two do ever head down our way. We will have big adventures with Browncoats all over Oz!
Well look at this. Looks like nixy and zeitgeist got here just in the nick of time. Guess that makes 'em Big Damn Heroes!

Thanks nixy and zeitgeist for all the hard work, and everyone for their kind words - and man, I am busting to do the next one!! With a microphone each this time!!

We're hoping to move towards being more Joss centred, and less purely Firefly/Serenity centred, but the next show will be all about Serenity - plus, as nixy said, some grand tales of Joss' visit to our fair shores.
Aint We Just!

ETA: I did what you said Z. I put that feed into the ITunes podcast thingy. So you should all be able to access it from there now. We should have our own domain and webhosting space soon also. As I am technically challenged about things such as this!

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-10-27 11:07 ]
Always glad to be of service, Zuckerbaby :)
ahhh good memories :)

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