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October 26 2005

The sky's the limit for the man with the most intimidating name in showbiz. Chiwetel Ejiofor, aka Serenity's the Operative, continues his march on Hollywood. He joins 'Children of Men' and 'Tonight at Noon'.

Help a girl out, can someone take a stab at a phonetic pronunciation for me?
Wish I could, but I just call him "The Operative!" Very talented man...I'll bet we'll all know how to pronounce his name before long! :>)
Per IMDB, it's "chew-it-tell edge-oh-for".
Phonetic transcription.

It's been a few years since I took my phonetic course as part of my English undergraduate study, but it should be fairly accurate.

I needed to screenshot this baby because Whedonesque didn't care much for my Sildoulas IPA font. ;)

Also, I didn't include the intonation pattern and stress marks. What's the fun in reading phonetically transcribed text if you can't make up your own intonation, I always say :P

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According to Chris Buchannan it's chew-e-tell edgy-oh-four, but they just call him Chewie.
From a whedon-centric "how will this help Serenity?" perspective, this is GREAT news. Lots of times when an actor's star rises, their older films garner extra attention in retrospect. This can only mean good things for Serenity DVD sales down the road.

Also, does anyone know if or when "Kinky Boots" will come out on DVD?
I'll resist the urge to throw in another "Universal should promote Mr. E. for 'Best Supporting Actor'" plug -- but the guy is plenty charismatic and really is "Serenity"'s ace in the hole. I have no doubt he'll be an increasingly major international star for years to come.

Those you who haven't seen "Dirty Pretty Things" need to check it out. He's just as good at playing a pillar of ordinary, flawed human decency as an idealistic-but-utterly-ruthless assassin.

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Thanks for the phonics guys. I've been staring at his jumble of a name for months saying "Chewitsomethingoranother". It's nice to really know how to say it.
The "Chewy" thing had me scratching my head recently when (I believe it was in a gossi post) there was mention of Chewy on the set of Serenity. What?!! A frikkin' Wookie in our BDM? Was that what the animal handlers were for? Ohhhhh, I get it. Never mind.

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