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October 26 2005

Serenity In NY Times Readers' Faves Section. Serenity is listed among movies NYT readers gave four or more stars.
(Scroll down a bit.)

Just noticed this and thought it might be worthy of comment--did some of y'all write any of those reader reviews?

By the way, this is my first story post on the black--I'm all a-quiver.

Welcome TDR. Thanks for the tip.

A lot of the reviews were based on the early pre-screenings. Can you say, Browncoat? However, they all count and on top of that, many of the comments were very well done. I love reading this stuff because it helps me to relive this wonderful film.
I do not see anything about Serenity.
It's under "Reader's Favorites" which you'll find if you scroll about midway down the page and look on the right hand side.
El Diablo Robotico...still makes me laugh. Thanks for the link TDR. Second highest rated of all currently released films (after W&G). Yay NYT readers!
Very cool, grats on Link numero uno, Senor Robot.
Thanks. Found it.

I wonder if my snooty friend who reads the NYT and bristles whenever I mention Joss, has seen the review. Hmmm. I've got to figure out a way of finding out without asking him or bringing up the subject myself. Where's Veronica Mars when you need her?
No Problemo, and thanks, Professor Zeitgeist.
I noticed that "Serenity" had more than twice as many votes (reviews) as any of the other movies, for whatever that's worth.

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