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October 27 2005

Marti Noxon's latest project. Also at Sci Fi Wire, Marti talks about her latest project "The Curse".

It's a comedy/fantasy/horror project based on an original idea from Sam Raimi. It's described as Buffy meets Evil Dead.

Hmm. On the one hand, Marti gets to work with Sam Raimi, on the other hand:

Noxon added with a laugh: "I get brought in when there are ghosts and monsters."

I'd love to see Marti doing something completely different. After Buffy and Point Pleasant, I'm not sure how wise it is to do another supernatural/girl lead show. Then again, it might kick total ass, in which case I'll have to shut up now ;-)
I assume this is the film project Marti Noxon mentioned in the TV Guide interview, posted here by Simon on 25 October. Any new MN project is going to get my interest and this one sounds pretty exciting to me. The chance to work with Sam Raimi - it's a no-brainer. Coming on top of the release of the 'Point Pleasant' DVD, this is more great news.
Hmm, had not considered it might be a movie. Which is a better prospect, I think. Cool.
I still wanna see Marti's Still Life. I wonder if any of those episodes will ever see the light of day. I wonder how far into production they got beyond the pilot...

It doesn't mention in the article which network this new series is going to be aired on. Another Fox project?
Kris, I think The Curse is a film rather than a TV show. It's a Ghost House production. And I agree with you... the chance to see Still Life would be fantastic. Sadly, I don't think it's going to happen.
Since Still Life is unlikely to ever air, I'm going to assume it's ok to post the torrent for the first, and probably only episode.

Never downloaded it, mainly because my expectations aren't too high. But if you really want it, it's there (if there are still seeders)

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Is Marti one of the bringers of the funny... wasn't she generally first lieutenant in charge of making us cry? Credits list on IMDB. What's Jane Espenson up to lately?
Well Marti is credited for writing Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.
I thought Marti was first lieutenant in charge of the heavy breathing and need to take cold showers...
I think Marti was generally more about the angst, and some of the darker or melodramatic stuff, like Consequences, The Prom, Forever, Bargainning, Wrecked, New Moon Rising and Bring on the Night.

Jane was generally responsible for some of the funnier episodes, or quirky, character specific ones, like Earshot, Superstar, Triangle and Intervention.

Doug Petrie was a kind of mix of the two, generally quite dark stuff with some dark humour, and he was a big fan of Spike and Faith as characters, with credits such as Bad Girls, Enemies, This Year's Girl and Fool For Love.

I think it's kind of hard to classify some of the other writers, Joss for example is a real master of everything and usually has perfect episodes. Of course all of the other writers are fantastic, too, they just have different styles, and my above descriptions were generalisations, but they just give a general idea of each writer's sensibilites and the type of episodes they tend to write.
I think Joss would be quite clear he gave himself the best episodes.

As a show runner, I think Marti is pretty great from what I've seen. Will be interested to see this. I love both Buffy and The Evil Dead..
We don't always know exactly who wrote what because from what the writers have said, it was clearly very much a collaborative approach. Also, we never really know how extensive the changes made by Joss Whedon to the final scripts were. Jane Espenson has suggested that these could sometimes be quite substantial, although possibly she is being a little bit too humble in not taking enough credit for her work.

Anyway, to get back to the point, all the writers constantly had the ability to surprise us. Take two episodes as an example, Living Conditions from S4 and Afterlife from S6. If I didn't know any better, I would guess that Jane Espenson wrote the S4 episode and Marti Noxon wrote the S6 episode. Of course, it was actually the other way around.

Noxon has said she doesn't find writing comedy comes naturally to her, but she can do it. Equally, there is a great deal more to Espenson's writing than a love of language and a penchant for writing clever humorous dialogue. Come to think of it, they were all bloody brilliant. No wonder it was such a great show.
In her Rm W/A Vu commentry, Jane mentions that she was sometimes asked to write specific scenes within other writers' episodes. I don't know if this was something that only Jane was asked to do (obviously Joss, David, Marti may have re-written scenes/episodes from a showrunner's perspective) but I'd be very interested to know more.
On the generalizations about specializations (erm ..... well yes), I had always thought of Doug Petrie as the writer who frequently got what I call the "main arc" eps - the eps that continued the season-long story (like "The Initiative" BtVS S4 or "Fool for Love" BtVS S5) whilst David Fury got the "change of direction" eps (like "Helpless" BtVS S3 and "You're Welcome" Ats S5).

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