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October 27 2005

Serenity Cast Photo Ops for THE FLANVENTION now on eBay for Charity. The cast photo ops for the Flanvention are up on eBay as of October 26, 2005. The auctions will end on November 2, 2006 at 2:56pm PST.

Each photo op will include all attending headliners. This photo op is only open to those who purchase a BDP, Weekend Pass, or Saturday Day Pass.

All proceeds, minus eBay and Pay Pal fees, will be donated to the charitable branch of Booster Entertainment LLC., BE Charitable.

There's also "Grave" Spike 6 in. figure, "Fool For Love" Spike 6 in. figure and Vampire Buffy PALz Palisades Toys for auction. Remember, the proceeds go to charity.

Okay, auction for charity. On Ebay. How long til they pull it for a T+C violation?
I don't see why they would. They let the phone call auction happen.
Ebay pulled the phone call auction - it was ultimately done on Yahoo auctions. This auction, however, is for a charity that BE runs themselves, rather than benefiting a separate organization where they had no official affiliation.
Actually, Ebay was going to let us relist the Conversations, but they were just too slow in resolving the issue. We went with Yahoo for that one because we were working within a rigid timeframe. We've auctioned several items for both BE and other organizations in the past, with no problems... hence our shock at the problems with Conversations.
You forgot to mention the auction for the exclusive Sunday lunch with most the cast of Serenity - only 20 tickets being auction this is number 5 out of 20.

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