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October 28 2005

(SPOILER) The Signal #16 Podcast. "Features on River, Wash, and Fruity Oaty Bars and the movie version of the Ballad of Serenity and an extended excerpt from our interview with Tim Minear."

Loved how they pieced together River's timeline with various clips from the series, comic, the virus-marketed trailers, and the movie.

Um.. is it just me or is there a spoiler in this post? All is well now!

[ edited by gilesno1fan on 2005-10-28 10:26 ]
I've altered the subject line to make it less spoilery.
I've caught it too late, but I've moved the part about Wash into the Extended Description.

Thanks, Simon, for the fix.
I will really miss this podcast when they stop doing it weekly. Some of the extended ads for other podcasts are a bit much but the rest is great. It has been getting better and better, so the work on it must be tremendous and I can see why they might need a break from it.
I'm glad Caroline, Simon, Herb et al don't feel that way though!
Just wondered when we can stop being all spoiler wary, I know the film has yet to be released in all countries yet, but will there be a time when we can be all spoiler happy?
hey, gilesno1fan, obvious answer: When the DVD has come out in all regions :)
That might be the obvious answer, but it's probably not the official answer, which is likely to be: Beginning of December.

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