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October 28 2005

Fox reveal details for their shows in November. ME cast and crew related shows include: That 70's Show, The OC, Prison Break, Bones, Reunion and Kitchen Confidential. The link contain brief details for several episodes, it might be too spoilery for some people.

It seems that there's still some hope for KC.

This is the big connection game:
- That 70's Show executive producers Dean Batali and Rob Des Hotel were BtVS staff writers during Season 1 and 2.
- The OC stars Rachel Bilson (who was a Potential Slayer in Buffy's "Dirty Girls"), Melinda Clarke (who was Nandi in Firefly's "Heart of Gold").
- Prison Break features Marti Noxon as Consulting Producer and stars Wentworth Miller (who was Gage in Buffy's "Go Fish") and Wade WIlliams (who was General Gregor (in Buffy's "Spiral")
- Bones stars David Boreanaz.
- Reunion stars Alexa Davalos.
- Kitchen Confidential stars Nicholas Brendon.

Hopefully this is related...Has anybody seen anything on what the critics think of KC?
You can find more on KC reviews at Metacritic and by Google-ing it (Willow: "Have you googled her yet?", Xander: "Willow, she's 17!).
Heh, zeitgeist. 'Help' wasn't one of my favorites from the seventh season, but I always loved that line. And I liked how ME set up that website for Cassie's peoms. That was pretty cool.

Anyway, I've never watched KC (not aired here), but I've been trying to keep up with its ratings. Very mixed overall. The ratings haven't been impressive and I'm quite shocked FOX hasn't qiven it its walking papers. Yet, FOX seems to be sticking with the show so good news for Nick. My feelings towards the FOX network will remain quarded for the time being.
Thanks for the metacritic link, zeitgeist. That's a neat site, great for those like myself, um, who are too lazy to actually go look up reviews!
KC is safe I think until december. By then they'll decide what they want to do with it cause 24 is taking that time slot.

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