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"I had to dismember that guy with a trowel."
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October 28 2005

Discover "Twisted History Vampires" and you'll find a Toy. Camden Toy that is, the verse's favorite mutli-player demon will be interviewed for the Discovery Channel show. Just in time for Halloween, airing Oct 30 at 10 pm PST.

I cannot believe Camden only got $36 in the conversations auction. I was bidding for David Fury and didn't see the results until they all closed. He sounds like an interesting, cool, guy and certainly has talent. Anyone who Joss calls back to do four different bad guys has to have something! Or maybe he's just really, really creepy in real life...
"Willow's a demon?" Good find, RavenU.
Camden is a good guy to do a phone call with. When I met him at a convention he was very outgoing and can talk about anything, he's very interesting.

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