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October 28 2005

Matt Roush Would Love to See a Spike Movie. The last question on the page.

"I'm not really in the loop on this one, and don't have time to keep up with what may or may not be happening, but I would still love to see a Spike movie; there is so much untapped potential in that character. But will it happen? Who knows. If it does, I'll welcome it the way I did the Farscape miniseries. If not, I still have seven seasons of Buffy and five of Angel to treasure. That's plenty right there. (And I doubt the fate of Serenity has anything to do with it.)"

Changed the title, which was a little unclear.
Also check out Matt Roush's Roush Review which praises Bones.
Join the club, Matt. You can be janitor.
Join us all. 'Head scratch'. I'm still trying to get it.
I actually can't see Serenity, whether it should be viewed as a failure or otherwise, having any effect on these slayerverse movies going ahead or not. We are talking two different subjects. It's like asking whether Serenity's performance will have any effect on whether Astonishing X-Men Vol. 2 sells well or not.

The only connected effect i can really see is that there probably won't be a sequel now (although stranger things have happened) which will most likely mean the end of Firefly in anything but printed format. As such Joss will now have one less thing to play around with and therefore more time to think about a return to the slayerverse.

It's a shame that one of his babies may profit from the loss of the other but that may be the way it goes.
I think some people thought Joss's success would give him more power with networks to get anything he wanted.

I will believe the movie when I see it. James last interview with PEOPLE (that they made sure to point out WAS done on October 24) said he hadn't talked to Joss recently. James has a movie he's getting ready to film. He's also doing really well on SMALLVILLE with much critical acclaim, so I'm thinking it would be a good thing to actually nail down the main ACTOR. A script is well and nice but I don't see a Spike movie happening

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I still don't think Serenity has been a box office "failure". It's very close to breaking even, and it still to be released in several countries, so hopefully it should break even just based on box office, and then will start to make a profit from DVD sales.

Granted, it isn't a runaway success, but it's roughly how it was predicted to do, and the studio will still make money from it, and the film itself is a triumph. I also think it has more potential to be a franchise based on the number of people who have seen and enjoyed Serenity, and the continued sale of Firefly boxsets.

I think Serenity is another feather in Joss's proverbial cap, something that is making waves (however small to begin with) in the movie industry that will only increase interest in Joss, and any projects he would like to do.
box office "failure"?
This has been a VERY rough year for the box office. The recent issue of Entertainment Weekly has some interesting points in regards to this. I honestly do not think that this years box office problems has more to do with an overall cultural change then if the movies are hits or not.

I wonder how the DVD will do...
It's very close to breaking even.

I wish this were true, but it isn't. The Box Office numbers reflect the total gross, not what the studio actually gets.
Hun? Head scratch again. Good topic. Someone say something important before I shed my hair.
Just curious how merchandise factors into this too. We are always discussing the BO results and the total gross but no one really talks about how the VCG, the novelization, CD Soundtrack, and action figures figure in. Wouldn't those totals from all those sales reflect what the studio actually gets in the long run? I would imagine that the Visual Companion Guide itself would be selling quite well.
Spikeylover, as far as i can see Joss has nailed down James for the Spike movie about as well as he can at this point. He has spoken to him about the possibility and has confirmed that James is willing to reprise the role if the movie goes ahead. Nothing firmer than that can be done until the financial side of things is arranged and contracts can be discussed.

I know that we all want this to be official as soon as possible but there are realities to making this happen that go way beyond what Joss, James or anyone else on the creative side want. Until the money is sorted then all that can be confirmed is a willingness to proceed.
My desire for a Spike movie has totally kicked up a notch since seeing James again on Smallville. Several notches really.

I don't think related merchandise counts, in terms of accounting, toward the money made by the film. Each product, be it a novel, soundtrack, or whatever comes with its own production costs which have to be recouped.
That's true, but no doubt a certain percentage of the money made on them will be going towards the various people involved, say Joss might get 10%, the studio 10%, and so on. Certainly after the production costs have been covered. So I do think merchandising might make a slight difference.

When Star Wars first came out, George Lucas had to accept only a small cut of the film's profit, but he realised the merchandising potential and owned the sole rights to that. Needless to say he made a fortune based on this alone. I'm not saying that Serenity has had anywhere near the number of products made, or the same level of demand for them, but I still think it's fairly profitable.

I mean the fact that the film even has this kind of merchandise suggests some confience that they will sell.
According to BOM, Serenity is holding 16th. Isn't this really good considering how few theaters are left??
Actually it's at 26th, which is not so great.

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