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"I miss my home. I miss my mom. I miss the gang. And churros. And sex. Great Muppety Odin, I miss that sex."
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October 29 2005

James Marsters leaves a few messages for his UK fans. Thanking them for coming to see his Macbeth reading & concerts and also mentions he starts filming on Monday for the movie "Shadow Puppets".

Shadow Puppets, eh? Totally different than Master of Puppets... or Pastor of Muppets, for that matter.
Pastor of muppets ROFLMFAO

zeitgeist - you're not quite down from your Scotland-induced high are you yet?
;) Just finished scanning some pics of good ol' Scotland as a matter of fact. Want to review them and pare them down a little then will flickr some and post a link on flickr to the rest most likely.

ETA - flickr thread with link.
Ahhhhhhh yes James. The blissful extra hour. It should be 10 o'clock right now, but its actually 9. I had a lovely lie-in...

Need to get back to the point and stop making everyone else jealous. "Shadow Puppets". Sounds fairly interesting. Wonder how big James' part is? Maybe he is the leader of all Shadow puppets. Possibly.
Apparently it's a horror movie.
So, did anyone see "Shadow Puppets" and think about Spike's tussle with Puppet Angel almost immediately? Or the power walk behind Puppet Angel, in which Spike "shadows" the puppet?

OK, I'll quit now.

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I like physcological thrillers over horror movies, so this makes me happy.
When I heard Shadow Puppets I immediately thought of Orson Scott Card's sci-fi book Shadow Puppets. However, obviously since Ender's Game has yet to be made into a movie, a studio isn't going to go ahead and make a movie based on the 7th book in the Ender Wiggin Saga.
I thought of "Get It Done."
Jolene Blalock, who played T'Pol in Enterprise, is also in the movie.
Hmm, no imdb page on it, foo.
I just checked that too zeitgeist.

This title actually reminded me of the long-going puppet theatre joke in Firefly/Serenity.
Slow day for the Whedonverse...
That's because many of the James fans (at least those currently in the UK) are exhausted after their three day orgy of James gigs and theatrical performances.

Macbeth, gigs, Smallville, and now a horror movie lead. Nice to know he's not just waiting around for Joss to call about the over-hyped Spike movie possibility.
From what I'm reading on at least one other board, he really blew folks away with his Macbeth intrepretation. Would be neat to see a review in a paper somewhere.

[ edited by Grace on 2005-10-30 21:47 ]
Roadrunner, isn't that the truth.

Grace, I'd LOVE to see James on stage. From what I am reading on the fanboards, he must have been incredible.
where can I read about James performance? I'm jealous. I'd love to see him perform Macbeth.
electricspacegirl - MTS has some reports posted.
I think most of the audience (at least, those round me) had never seen a really muscular, sexy, active Macbeth portrayed before. Indeed, some of them had never seen any Shakespeare as enjoyable before. It was pretty electrifying, all those Shakespeare virgins being deflowered and loving every minute of it.
Huh? Did someone say my name?

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From the early descriptions, it sounds a bit like Saw...for whatever that's worth. I actually thought Saw had a good premise, but I think the execution was really dreadful.
From the snippets of spoilers out already for Shadow Puppets, it sounds like something similar in tone to the movie "Cube," only with menacing shadows. (Trying to be vague enough that it doesn't count as a spoiler...)
Reading the gushing descriptions of his performance over the weekend, I really long to see him on stage. He is extremely magnetic on screen, but over and over I read that his incredible presence is magnified to the extreme when he's performing on stage. I know MacBeth wasn't everyone's cuppa going in, but I have yet to read any report from one of those in attendance who wasn't even MORE impressed with his talents after this weekend's show.
It's not a horror movie, it's a thriller.

He was indeed more spectacular in the flesh during his performance. I'm not a big Shakespeare fan and only had a rough idea of what happens in the play Macbeth. This performance was the first time since school (when I saw a horrible version of Julius Caesar) that I've seen Shakespeare on stage. It was wonderful, he was magnetic and really blew me away. Especially when I was given full eye contact during a rather intense bit and felt flustered, but couldn't look away.

Very powerful performance by JM, just brilliant. His co-star Cheryl Puentes (hope I spelled that right) was also extremely good as Lady Macbeth, and they work very well together and had great chemistry.

*le sigh* :0)
Nothing wrong with a good honest scary movie. The sides certainly make it sound more like horror than an "action" thriller.
Oh, I know. I like horror movies. The sides do make it seem like a horror movie. But both JM and SH have described it as a pyschological thriller.

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