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October 31 2005

Angel: Complete DVD Collection Boxset out today in the UK. Just about the perfect gift for Halloween. And if you have some spare cash, 20th Century Fox UK have re-released the complete Buffy DVD Boxset today as well.

So the Angel DVD is a limited edition, but the Buffy boxset which was originally a limited edition is obviously not anymore. No word if the R2 edition contains the extra DVD that the R1 one will have.

Anyhow, thats 12 seasons worth of the Buffyverse to buy today.

I can't wait for my Angel collection to arrive! I just need to work out what to do with my old VHS episodes now. Any ideas peeps?
Give them away. That's what I did.
Get rid of the tapes and makes a wall decoration out of the boxsets.
Who gives gifts for Halloween? ;)
I'm not against giving them away, but I now have Season 1-3 of Angel and Seasons 1-6 Buffy on VHS. I just feel loathe to part with them for nothing when I:
a) spent about 29.99 per half series!
b) they were my pride and joy

I think these things have depreciated worse than cars do!
For 109 (delivered) for the entire run of Angel, I think this is surprisingly good value. Tempting. So very tempting.
And if you know anyone who is a student, you can register their NUS card on your account and score another 10% off of the price. It worked a treat for me!

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