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October 31 2005

James Kirk was Mal's weird uncle says Joss. Excerpt from a Cinefantastique interview courtesy of TrekWeb.

Considering that both Nathan Fillion and William Shatner are Canadian, I can see that!
I had never heard that one...funny!
I hear Fillion is something of a Trekker. In this months Empire magazine under the heading "Things we learned this month" the following facts are revealed:

-Nathan Fillion can recite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Geek.
-Joss Whedon dances like a disco Diva.
-Nathan Fillion can recite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Geek.

OMG. If I wasn't in love before...
Oh yes, electricspacegirl, me too. Me too.
Ah, but can he recite DS9 eps... *inadvertently starts Trek geek slapfight*
Inadvertantly my butt. :)
My friend loaned me a copy of the movie Trekkies the other night. After watching it, I suggested to my 9 year old that we watch one of the tapes I have of the original series. (I was given someone's old video tapes of about 7 or 8 episodes and most of the movies.) I was surprised when he jumped at the idea.

I carefully explained how long ago they had been made and the fact that it was made with no budget and how much more difficult special effects were to do then. In other words, I asked him to be kind.

As we watched he noticed all the special effects, pointing out that the transporter effect was good but that when the ship was in space it looked like it was sitting on a table. I agreed and he looked at me with the same amused indulgent and affectionate smile adults get when watching a 2 year old dressing themselves and said, "They tried. You have to give them credit. They gave it a good try."

He really enjoyed it and wanted to watch more, but it was too late. His godmother probably has the original series DVD's that I can barrow so he can watch them, and I know various people have the movies that I don't. I don't know about the rest of the series(es?) though. I guess I better check the cable listings.

Now the question: Would be terrible of me to find something else to do now and then and kind of miss a couple of the really bad episodes? ;-D

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